Aaron Paul added another trophy to his Emmy Award, since he managed to win his first Global Poker League (GPL) Event. His victory over the star of the Paris Aviators Team Fabrice Soulier (2-1) allowed him to succeed. 

His team LA Sunset is now only five points behind the leader of the Americas Conference from Montreal. The Paris Aviators occupies the fourth position in the Eurasia Conference.
This season is extremely unsuccessful for Soulier. He showed an absolutely incredible result, gaining only 3.6% of points he had competed for. It is the second-worst result after Kevin MacPhee, a member of the New York Rounders. Paul proved that he was very useful for the LA Sunset. He played indeed well. To be sure, there were some mistakes, but none of the most famous professional poker players are able to avoid them constantly. Mr. Paul defeated Fabrice Soulier with his pocket kings, He skillfully bluffed in the second round. 
Aaron Paul won the first round in his battle with Soulier. However, then he was beaten by the French poker player in the second round. As for the deciding round, it seems to be one of the longest heads-up series in the history of poker. Paul had a pair obtained on the preflop versus a Soulierís queen and jack. Then Paul succeeded in collecting a straight, which brought him so desirable victory. The winner was happy to bring his team necessary tournament points. 
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