A top executive for driving Macau clubhouse junket administrator Suncity Group barely got away threat throughout the end of the week after two blade employing attackers focused on the executive in the city of Hong Kong. On Tuesday, the South China Morning Post detailed that Suncity's central venture officer Andrew Lo Kai-bong was assaulted by the two men while leaving a sauna early Saturday morning. The 37-year-old Lo figured out how to make it inside his holding up vehicle unscathed however Lo's 53-year-old driver endured wounds to his hand before pummeling the auto into apparatus and making great their escape. 

On Sunday, Hong Kong experts captured three Hong Kong occupants, including two men accepted to have binds to the city's group of three packs, regarding the assault. The real aggressors are accepted to be two non-Chinese men enlisted by unidentified gatherings to complete the assault on Lo. The two non-Chinese men, and additionally the associated engineer with the assault, stay on the loose. Neighborhood police are as yet attempting to decide the thought process behind the assault. Lo apparently told the police that he was focused on taking after a "business question," yet has generally stayed tight-lipped. Police aren't yet certain whether the assault is identified with Suncity's gaming operations or some other reason. 

The unpleasant and-tumble Asia-Pacific junket industry is plainly not for the swoon of heart. In 2012, Ng Man-sun, the leader of the Amax Holdings junket business, was assaulted by obscure attackers at Macau's New Century Hotel. The aggressors apparently cut ligaments in Ng's legs and arms in what was portrayed as a customary group of three methods for communicating something specific. In 2015, a presumed set of three supervisor with previous binds to Macau VIP betting operations was assaulted by a unidentified attacker equipped with either a seven-inch cut or simply his clench hands, contingent upon which reports you accept. 

Notwithstanding its Macau operations, Suncity likewise has a noteworthy nearness in the Philippines, incorporating manages Manila club and in addition its Philippine-authorized web based betting operations, and Suncity is additionally a joint wander accomplice on another Vietnamese coordinated resort gambling club extend. Suncity is one of only a handful couple of junket administrators, alongside Guangdong (Neptune) and Tak Chun, to have weathered the sharp withdrawal of Macau's junket industry that went with the gaming center's two-year-in addition to VIP betting decrease. 

Yet, JP Morgan Securities Asia issued a report prior this month saying that purported 'fair sized' junkets like David Group, Hengsheng Group and MegStar had as of late opened new VIP rooms in Macau gambling clubs and were gradually wearing down the enormous three's piece of the overall industry. The development compares with Macau's VIP advertise posting twofold digit picks up for two straight quarters.

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