Thailand's lottery authorities are researching ticket operator rehearses that empowered a man to win the nation's biggest ever bonanza. A 75-year-old man as of late won 180m baht in the wake of displaying 30 sets of pre-printed tickets with a similar winning numbers to the Government Lottery Office. The payout is triple the measure of the past biggest lottery payday. 

GLO specialists aren't allowed to offer more than one sets of tickets with a similar number, however this case obviously included a cluster of operators who exchanged tickets among themselves until the point that one operator could offer a 30-ticket package with similar numbers to the 75-year-old champ. The GLO doesn't expect to rebuff the fortunate senior national however the Bangkok Post cited GLO Director Maj Gen Chalongrat Nakartit saying the specialists who exchanged the tickets that made the package could have their agreements renounced. 

Thai lottery tickets are sold for 80 baht and the GLO disallows its authorized specialists from offering tickets with alluring "fortunate" numbers at expanded costs. Be that as it may, operators say players have no enthusiasm for tickets with "unfortunate" numbers, constraining specialists to offer these tickets at a cost underneath 80 baht, so everything works out at last. Thailand's most recent record lottery big stake won't not remain for long if another GLO plot goes ahead. The plan, points of interest of which were discharged to the media a week ago, could include the nation's first lottery in which unclaimed bonanzas move over to the following drawing. 

On the off chance that the bonanza goes unclaimed for two straight draws, the potential payout of the accompanying attract could swell to 600m baht. The proposition would likewise clearly look like a western-style lottery in which players could pick their own mix of numbers, in this way dispensing with the requirement for players to pay a premium for the fortunate digits if and when they can discover the tickets. The proposition will be put to the GLO board for thought this September. Presenting another lottery would require the legislature to revise the 1974 Lottery Act, which doesn't allow rollovers, yet the essential corrections have effectively gotten preparatory bureau endorsement. 

The GLO is as of now requesting open criticism on the proposition, and hostile to betting activists are as of now anticipating the demise of society from supposed "hard" betting. Yet, the GLO trusts the new lottery will put a pleat in supposed underground lotteries, which have demonstrated much more prominent than the GLO's putting forth, and the administration expects to recover that lost income.

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