The November Nine time of the World Series of Poker headliner is presently over and, interestingly since 2007, the WSOP headliner champion will be chosen in July. The arrangement, which fittingly kept going nine years, saw the headliner end play after the last table was resolved. The nine players who made it then held up more than three months to resume playing for the arm jewelery all together for ESPN's TV scope to make up for lost time, with the goal that fans would better know the players battling for the big showdown. 

Beginning in 2017, the headliner will include live scope from day 1 of the headliner, to be communicate by ESPN and Poker Central. This year, the last table will continue after just a single day away from work, which will take into consideration a last table see show to be publicized keeping in mind the end goal to acquaint fans. At that point the last nine will play down to a champion over the traverse of three days, from July 20-22. ESPN and Poker Central have framed another organization with respect to the WSOP and have so far consented to a four-year bargain for this refreshed scope demonstrate. 

WSOP official executive Ty Stewart said:

ESPN has been our home since 2002 and we're enchanted to amplify the relationship into the following decade. Having regular live scope of the WSOP Main Event is really an immense responsibility for the benefit of ESPN and Poker Central and we anticipate conveying to our dependable gathering of people one end to the other activity from the start for the first run through.

The new arrangement will see ESPN communicate an expected 40 hours of live headliner scope consistently, including a promise to 130 hours of created TV scope as has been seen on ESPN since 2003. The public statement from the WSOP additionally noticed that any scope not disclosed by ESPN will be spilled solely through Poker Central's computerized dispersion channels. 

Dan Ochs, ESPN's executive of programming and acquisitions.:

The World Series of Poker has been a longstanding staple of ESPN programming. We are satisfied to achieve a consent to keep on carrying the game's most conspicuous occasion and modernize our scope with the new same day live scope all through July every year.

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