The World Poker Tour reports extra visit stops in Japan and South Korea in the wake of proprietors Ourgame International conceding six of their staff were engaged with the current unlawful poker embarrassment in China. One of the hardest encounters a young man can confront is watching his dad get a beating. There was a period he held your hand, and you thought they were scoops. He was a goliath, your defender. And after that somebody goes along and kicks all that you thought about the world in the head. 

The World Poker Tour has viewed from a far distance as their dad has been whipped and pummeled for the current week. In June 2015, Ourgame International Holdings gained the WPT from bwin for $35m. It was an allocation that should proclaim another time. A poker blast in Asia. At that point the Chinese government started bearing down. On June 1, social poker applications pass on in China. It resembles Thanos has clicked his purple finger. It appears 'somebody' had been utilizing the social poker applications as a cloak to underground money diversions producing a huge number of dollars in income. As per squeeze reports, that 'somebody' comprises of a few people, some of which involve senior positions in Ourgame International Holdings. 

In a public statement issued from the organization, Ourgame conceded that Chinese authorities had captured six of their workers regarding running unlawful poker diversions. These incorporate the official VP, head of poker amusement unit and a man in charge of dealing with VIPs. The announcement issued by the organization made it completely clear that none of the choices that got the six into the heated water had anything to do with Ourgame, and that all carried on of individual intrigue. The WPT has reported plans to include stops in Japan and South Korea by the year-end. 

The JYP 30,000 purchase in occasion happens September 15-17 in Tokyo. The Japan Poker Union Corporation goes about as an accomplice. Players will likewise have the capacity to play in WPT Korea beginning date situated in Japan. Last season, Eiji Kimura beat 460 contestants in the first-since forever WPT Japan Main Event to win a $10,000 Multi-Passport prize. After Japan, the group make a beeline for Paradise City Casino in Incheon, for WPT Korea. The celebration keeps running from September 18-24, with the KRW 1.1 million purchase in Main Event occurring 21-24. 

There will likewise be a High Roller, a variety of side occasions, and out of the blue a WPT Teams Event. The WPT Teams Event runs Sep 19-21, with 16 groups each paying a $5,000 section charge. Players will contend in up to six unique arrangements of poker with the triumphant group procuring a WPT Korea Main Event situate. There are four people for every group. The occasions are the principal made by WPT Live Events Specialist Danny McDonagh, who PokerStars as of late designated as Executive Tournament Director for PokerStars Live. McDonagh has a huge measure of experience working in the Asia-Pacific district with Stars and Crown Melbourne.

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