The ambassador for 888Poker from New Jersey Tom Cannuli was eliminated from the 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event. He entered the final table with the lowest number of chips and was busted out in the second hand with pocket aces. However, he was not upset and thanked his supporters. Tom Cannuli promised to be back.
According to Cannuli, several years spent on playing poker helped him to create a calm attitude to losses. He said that he saw many players who had lost tens of thousands of dollars and showed no disappointment. So, Cannuli decided to follow such examples and to lose like gentlemen. 
Cannuliís sixth place brought him 1,426,283 dollars. He said that this money had not changed his way of life. However, Mr. Cannuli changed his approach to the World Series of Poker. He wants to participate in as many tournaments as possible. This year he will take part in all available tournaments. All of this will be done for just one purpose - Tom Cannuli wants to win a WSOP gold bracelet. He believes that his skills will allow him to expect to win this title. 
This mode of thought helped this professional poker player to achieve a small success. We are talking about the 26th place in the $1,500 Six-Max No-Limit Hold'em.
Cannuli believes that each victory improves self-esteem and confidence and this is very important for future competitions. So, he will try to do his best.
"I always follow my heart while playing," Cannuli said. "It is something like an inner voice inside me."
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