A 52-year-old addicted gambler Tracey Stevenson was accused of stealing money and cheque fraud.
She invested the funds he had stolen from her own company in purchasing three houses in the United Kingdom. Her illegal activities were found in January when Ecsec Ltd decided to verify the source of the observed problems with money transactions. The investigation showed that Tracey Stevenson had been involved in illicit activities.
Her husband knew about her fraud and decided to reveal this information, sharing it with her employers and Prosecutor Martin Mulgrew.
Tracey Stevenson was immediately arrested. She admitted that she had cheated. Stevenson decided to fully cooperate with the investigating authorities. She shared the following information with police: Tracey Stevenson stole five different amounts of money between 2011 and 2016. The total sum reached 1.7 million pounds.
A lawyer who is currently defending her admits that his client is supposed to be a problem gambler who could not cope with her addiction. It is interesting to note that she used to attend a local bingo hall. Afterwards, she gambled at home. She even managed to achieve a couple of real victories while gambling. However, this did not affect her addiction and she continued to steal money from her employers. However, at the moment, she is feeling depressed due to this fact. She believes that she has betrayed her company. She even tried to commit a suicide. Her husband reported that she had never had problems with police. However, this fact did not make an impression on the judge and Tracey Stevenson was sentenced to four years in jail. Doubtless, such verdict is due to the serious consequences of her crime that affected her company whose staff included thirteen employees. The firm spent 40,000 pounds on the investigation.
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