During an 11-hour poker clash of the titans, the champion of the $3,500 WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown Main Event was determined. Justin Young could beat Garrett Greer in the heads-up. Young had to beat 1,222 opponents in order to win 669,161 dollars, including an invitation to the WPT Tournament of Champions, whose price was 15,000 dollars.

Mr. Young has considerable experience of successful participation in WPT events. A battle with Chino Rheem in the heads-up of the $15,400 Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic Tournamnet was the most striking event in his previous career. He gained the 2nd place and 936,760 dollars.

The first player who was eliminated from the final round of the Seminole Hard Rock with an 8th-place finish and 87,880 dollars was Andrey Plotnikov, whose pair of queens was beaten by a Young’s pair of kings. Young began to increase his stack after the deal, despite his initial 6th position. Plotnikov was followed by Sam Soverel, taking the 7th place and 110,357 dollars. A little later, three gamblers were eliminated almost simultaneously: Ben Tarzi (a 6th-place finish and 132,560 dollars), Tim Reilly (a 5th-place finish and 164,113 dollars.), and Matt Hogg (a 4th-place finish and 220,207 dollars). Hong Jae occupied the 3rd leading position and received 297,336 dollars.

At the beginning of the heads-up, Young had an advantage over Greer (22,450,000 chips against 14,200,000 chips). Despite the fact that a couple of times the opponent managed to nullify this advantage, Young continued to occupy the leading position until the end. At the crucial moment, Young had a king and queen, whereas the Greer’s hand consisted of an ace and eight. The flop included an ace, king, and four. A jack appeared on the turn, and a queen showed up on the river. Young became the winner, and his opponent got the 2nd place and 458,722 dollars.

A David Malka’s triumph in the $25,000 High Roller at the 2016 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown has becoming the other resounding victory. Mr. Malka could beat 94 opponents, including Sylvain Loosli in the heads-up round. The Malka’s cash prize reached 658,000 dollars. Prior to this victory, the largest amount in live tournaments he has ever won was 70,355 dollars, and the total earnings in his career were equal to 354,132 dollars.

There were many famous players among nine finalists of the tournament, and Mr. Malka had the least number of chips. However, his peculiar manner helped him to slowly move up in the standings, personally eliminating 5 of the 9 remaining gamblers. Players were eliminated from the tournament in the following order:

  • Lazaro Hernandez – a 9th-place finish and 68,150 dollars;
  • Stephen Sontheimer – an 8th-place finish and 70,500 dollars;
  • Brian Benderoff – a 7th-place finish and 82,250 dollars;
  • Yevgeniy Timoshenko – a 6th-place finish and 101,050 dollars;
  • Nick Yunis – a 5th-place finish and 133,950 dollars;
  • Nick Petrangelo – a 4th-place finish and 206,800 dollars;
  • Tim West – a 3rd-place finish and 298,450 dollars.

At the beginning of the heads-up round, Loosli, whose best achievement was the 4th place in the 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event, was worse off than his opponent, since he had almost 4 times less chips, namely 1,985,000 against Malka’s 7,415,000. In the final hand, Loosli could boast two sixes, and his opponent collected an ace and ten. The flop brought a pair of fours and deuce. An eight appeared on the turn, and the river brought an ace, contributing to the Malka’s victory. Loosli occupied the 2nd position in the final standings. He won 481,750 dollars. This amount is the 3rd largest sum in his entire career.

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