According to a new poll, two-thirds of U.S. adults believe that gambling is acceptable from the moral point of view. The poll was organized by the global performance-management consulting company Gallup. It was carried out using landline and mobile phones. Randomly selected Americans served as poll participants. It was established that two-thirds of adult U.S. citizens thought that gambling was morally admissible. Only 27% of respondents found it morally impermissible.
Representatives of Gallup asked respondents about morality of 19 subjects. Gambling occupied the fourth highest place concerning moral acceptability and the third last place in terms of moral impermissibility.
According to Americans, such things as birth regulation, divorce, and sex were mentioned as more moral than gambling. The following subjects were treated by respondents as the most immoral: suicide (18%), polygamy (14%), cloning humans (13%), and extramarital sex (10%).
The attitude towards gambling has not been changed over last year. The previous Gallup poll showed the same results. Such polls have been carrying out since 2003, and the results have been varying from 60% to 70% with a drop to 58% in 2009.
The percentage of those who morally disapprove gambling was the same as in 2015. The highest percentage of such people was equal to 36%. It was observed in 2009. The financial recession of 2008 clearly contributed to such figures.
The attitude towards gambling differed for supporters of both Democrats and Republicans, despite the fact that the political preferences almost did not affect other subjects. About three-fourths of Democrats did not approve gambling compared to 63% of Republicans and 66% of independents. In general, Democrats were more loyal compared to Republicans. However, as for death penalty, wearing fur and use of animals in research, Democrats were less loyal.
According to a poll held by LifeWay Research earlier, 64% of U.S. citizens believe that it is normal from the moral point of view to bet on sporting events.
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