Visitors of the Horserace Bettors Forum (HBF) are accusing bookmakers of banning the accounts of successful bettors. This fact contributes to a decrease in betting activities.

This forum was founded 12 months ago by the British Horseracing Authority (BHA). It is intended to offer a website to allow fans of horse racing to discuss their favorite entertainment. According to a poll recently carried out by the Horserace Bettors Forum, bookmakers too often ban betting accounts whose holders are constant winners of huge amounts.
The research included 878 respondents. It was found that over 1,000 accounts were closed and activities on roughly 4,000 accounts were restricted. Taking into account the common practice to have several accounts with a few betting websites, the total number of blocked accounts reached approximately 20,000.
Almost 60% of all respondents admitted that such a strategy of bookmakers reduced the interest of punters in racing betting. According to the Horserace Bettors Forum, more than 4,000 punters lose their interest in race betting every half a year.
Simon Rowlands, a chairman of the Horserace Bettors Forum, reported that the current situation with blocking accounts of successful punters might lead to a drop on the racing betting market.
As for the representatives of bookmakers, they deny that the problem exists or emphasize that its seriousness is exaggerated. According to most bookmakers, the bulk of clients are not affected by any restriction or account blockage.
This poll revealed tension between racing and betting. The British Horseracing Authority supports restrictions for betting operators to share their revenues to the racing betting industry. However, some major bookmakers did not approve this initiative.
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