Day 2 of the Unibet Open Copenhagen began with 134 players in conflict. With just 53 players in the cash, an ensured 81 players would go home flat broke. Two-time Unibet Open champion Mateusz Moolhuizen would be high on everybody's rundown to profit before the occasion began. He wouldn't get the same vote of certainty taking a gander at the chip numbers going into Day 2 as he began the most brief with only four major blinds. In genuine Moolhuizen style, however, he spun that up to an incredible 170,000 preceding seeing it vanish generally as fast. The thrill ride finished with Moolhuizen losing a flip with expert ruler, abandoning him set out toward the entryway. 

With the end of Moolhuizen, it was sure there wouldn't be a three-time champion this time. Be that as it may, there still were players in conflict for their second title however they too would trip before the cash was come to. Unibet Open Glasgow champ Daniel Chutrov lost the majority of his chips at an early stage thus lasted years Unibet Open Glasgow victor Theis Vad Hennebjerre. The last made a wheel on the turn yet was drawing dead against a higher straight, as his adversary held six-seven. 
The walk for the cash proceeded with players busting left and right. The air pocket just grasped a modest bunch of hands as short stack Thomas Jespersen got it in with sevens against the expert eight of British professional Ian Simpson. An expert on the failure and Jespersen made his way out as the last player not getting remunerated for their diligent work. 
The underlying objective for the day was to play down to a last table however that phase of the competition couldn't be come to. Around 1 a.m. competition chief Kenny Hallaert declared the last 3 hands to be played. At that point there were still 16 players remained. 
One-time chip pioneer Jasper Van Vlasselaer was amongst them, however he in no way, shape or form conveys to Day 2 the same stack he once had. A major feign with a missed flush move set him back significantly and gave the position of competition leader to Evgueny Ievkov who approached the previously mentioned hand with second match to arrive. 
Another well known face still in the running was Johan Goslings. The Dutchman stone rose in the last Unibet Open occasion in Malta yet made due with no hiccups this time around. Other than a slate of Nordics and players from the swamps and different parts of Europe, one American is still in it. Patrick Coughlin can turn into the principal player from the United States to win a Unibet Open. He's in a phenomenal position to do as such, with 1,061,000 in chips (44 major blinds) useful for second in chips.
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