Day 1b of the Unibet Open Copenhagen pulled in a field of 223 players. Together with the 152 that played on Day 1a, that made for a sum of 376, and when the day was done it would be Haci Bayram from Denmark who gathered the most chips, transforming a 30,000 beginning stack into 285,500. 

A slate of enormous hands played out amid the day, with Emma Wikberg getting it in with a set against the top combine and top kicker of one of her adversaries as one of the early highlights. Tina Christensen, another Unibet Open normal, likewise bent over right on time yet at last missed the mark and busted amid the penultimate level of the day. 
Two-time Unibet Open champion Mateusz Moolhuizen flew over from Barcelona for this competition. He played in Barcelona all week however couldn't go on the opportunity to end up the initial 3-time champion and advanced toward the sunny Danish money to attempt his fortunes at another Unibet Open. 
Moolhuizen at first welled, getting pots left and right, yet had a little difficulty losing lord ruler to rulers in a visually impaired versus blind fight. A decent call with second combine in a three-wager pot shot him once again into safe region, however shockingly in one of the last hands of the day he lost a 200,000 pot with pro ruler against pros and finished with 9,700 in chips, only five major blinds. 
Another natural face on the competition circuit, Jorn Walthaus, likewise showed up at the Unibet Open. The Dutchman, living in Bali nowadays, flew over to fight it out on the felt here in the Nordics. He assembled 106,000 in chips when the day was finished. 
As enrollment shut the prize pool was declared. An aggregate of DKK 2,707,200 (€363,595) is to be isolated amongst those in the cash, with the champ leaving DKK 525,000 (€70,514) wealthier. A sum of 53 players will be trade out this competition, which means somewhat more than 14 percent of the field is getting paid here in Copenhagen. No commotion to be found out about that. 
An aggregate of 82 players survived Day 1b. Together with the 52 that survived Day 1a that makes for 134 players that will begin Day 2 tomorrow, with 81 players until we hit the cash.
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