There will be no additional poker machines in Victoria until the point when 2042, after the Andrews Government solidified the quantity of pokies as a major aspect of a suite of changes to the business. Under the progressions, the following group of pokies licenses to come into operation in 2022 will be conceded for a long time, multiplying the present plan yet not satisfying an industry push for licenses to be allowed in unendingness. 

Clubs will likewise have the capacity to twofold the quantity of pokies they work in their gathering from 420 to 840, which will enable AFL and Racing Clubs to expand their piece of the pie. Bars and clubs had contended that more extended licenses would give settings more conviction when making business speculations and acquiring from banks. Victorians lost more than $2.6 billion of every 2015-2016 on the state's more than 26,300 machines, barring Crown Casino. 

The State Government says the quantity of pokies accessible to be worked in the state will stay topped at 27,372 until 2042, yet this count does exclude the more than 2,500 pokies working at Crown Casino. Betting reformers have invited new expense sections to facilitate the weight on scenes that are not profiting while at the same time slugging settings with higher punter misfortunes, however have pummeled the permit expansions. The bars area in the interim will now have the capacity to get to unused portion of pokies from the clubs business — Victoria right now has a framework where pokies are uniformly part amongst clubs and the neighborliness division. 

Monash University general wellbeing master and pokies scientist Charles Livingstone cautioned that enabling clubs to get to more machines could make uber clubs that would tear up littler group gatherings. He said in Victoria pokies in bars earnt twice as much as machines in clubs. Group Clubs Victoria president Leon Wiegard said 20-year licenses gave clubs more sureness. Be that as it may, topping machines did not take into consideration populace development, he included, cautioning it might mean development zones will most likely be unable to get clubs. 

The ALH gathering, which is part claimed by Woolworths and works an extensive cut of the state's machines, respected the progressions to licenses yet did not wish to remark further. The progressions were made in light of an administration survey authorized by previous priest Jane Garrett into gaming machines.

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