In a noteworthy leap forward, the Vijayawada city police busted a cricket wagering racket and captured an eight-part pack of bookies on Wednesday evening. The city police seized four correspondence boxes and five PCs, alongside 36 cell phones, which were being utilized to do the racket. Money worth Rs 36,000 was likewise seized. Magistrate of Police Gautam Sawang, who tended to a media gathering alongside DCP Kanthi Rana Tata, said that the posse was sorting out wagering on late class matches which were held in Australia. 

On a tip-off, an exceptional group captured the fundamental bookies, recognized as D Srinivasa Raju nom de plume Chakravarti from Sathyanarayanapuram alongside Chinababu nom de plume Chinna, and Vadlamanu Dharmendra from Hyderabad. Other principle bookies and sub bookies were captured from Hyderabad and Andhra's Gudivada and Mangalagiri region. 

The Commissioner stated: 

This is an efficient racket which is being held in different urban areas of the state also. 

The police expressed that the wagering madness was additionally predominant in the locale of Nellore and Kadapa. Different bookies who had been recognized and were on the run, would be captured soon, the police guaranteed. The police said that the bookies were addressing the punters, utilizing the correspondence boxes for continuous network. Through these crates, they took the wagers. All money exchanges in the wake of betting, would be finished by 'hawala', the police stated, including that the blamed admitted that the turnover for each match, was around Rs 14 lakh. The police additionally said that the most recent bust, was a continuation to the assaults that had occurred in the city in the second seven day stretch of December. 

The police figured out how to follow the blamed for the situation, after their consideration was attracted to the suicide instance of one 20-year-old Gurram Teju, a designing understudy from Vijayawada, who suffocated himself to death. The understudy allegedly dedicated suicide because of weight from bookies and being associated with wagering. Upwards of two understudies had conferred suicide because of tremendous misfortunes and badgering of bookies in Vijayawada city and Krishna locale, the police said. Following this, Trasula Vijaya Kumar and Mayor Prasanna Kumar were captured for the situation. The examination group obviously caught the bookies, by means of data acquired from the captured team. 

Sawang cautioned: 

Any demonstration that harms the texture of the capital locale would draw in serious activities, including PD Act.

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