Vulcun has decided to replace its eSports website by Twitch chat games. On July 5, it was reported that Vulcun had closed its fantasy sports site.
Murtaza Hussain, a co-founder of Vulcun, informed fans of gambling that the company would substitute the topic of the website during a fortnight.
The company purchased TwitchAlerts.com and since the time of its acquisition Vulcun has been operating on Twitch.
According to the decision of Vulcun, all accounts of customers will have been deleted by July 16. It will be done to provide an opportunity to focus on Twitch.
Vulcun collected 13,300,000 million with the help of gamblers and investors. Despite this huge amount, owners of the company have ceased operations of the fantasy eSports website. So, bets on the outcome of eSports events cannot be placed anymore.
According to an order of the Nevadaís Gaming Control Board, Vulcun has to receive a special license for providing eSports betting activities. That is why the company was forced to shut down the corresponding site. 
We will monitor the achievements of Vulcun in the field of chat games on Twitch.
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