PokerStars remind experts who call their place home that despite everything they do listen to player input subsequent to reporting the last World Championship of Online Poker plan after five amendments. How did PokerStars turn into the best online poker organization on the planet? If you somehow happened to ask a couple of Indian Tribes in California, they may let you know that this is on account of Stars kept on offering their stage to US subjects after the shockwave of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) brushed the opposition off the mainland in 2006. 
Keeping in mind that might be a piece of the story, it's not the entire story. PokerStars was a privately owned business keep running by individuals who minded. They made the best item by listening to input from their players, the pioneers were overcome and willing to go for broke, and the players believed them. What's more, I was helped to remember that when PokerStars as of late declared the last calendar of the World Championships of Online Poker (WCOOP). 
WCOOP was conceived in 2002 as an online variant of the World Series of Poker (WSOP). Each brand needs a motto, and the World Championship of Online Poker was pitch great. The inaugural celebration contained nine occasions, and the Swede MultiMarine won the Main Event, $65,450 first prize, and gold wrist trinket. And afterward a bookkeeper from Nashville, Tennessee, won the 2003 WSOP Main Event in the wake of qualifying online at PokerStars for just $86. He saved money $2.5m. Players ran to PokerStars in their droves. The 2003 WCOOP Main Event pulled in 891 contestants, and the victor Joseph Cordi won the $222,750 first prize. Erik Sagstrom won a $320 side occasion for $101,850. 
Today, WCOOP is basically unrecognizable from those early years. The 2015 WCOOP comprised of 70 occasions, paid out $1.3m to the champ of the $5,200 Main Event and even held a $51,000 purchase in High Roller Event. Be that as it may, one thing continues as before. Rather than making an item and after that attempting to offer it to individuals who don't need it, PokerStars has made the ideal poker competition graciousness of the criticism from the players who encourage off it. 
If I somehow managed to survey poker players on the reliability of PokerStars today, the outcomes wouldn't be exceptionally good. They are no more a private substance after Amaya Gaming gained them for $4.9 billion in 2014. That change implied benefit preceded client esteem. Wholesale changes developed. The website presented online club items, sports wagering items, and they centered their showcasing vitality on the recreational players and not the expert player base who had a vital influence in making them a win. 
There were players strikes, sit-outs, and even gatherings between high-positioning lieutenants inside the poker group and the 'higher-ups' in PokerStars as Daniel Negreanu likes to call them. Furthermore, the outcome? Very little changed. Amaya kept on advancing the more fortunes based diversions to draw in punters and not experts. The main thing that stayed untouched was WCOOP. 
If you somehow managed to enter each WCOOP occasion, purchasing in once, you would require a fourth of a million dollars. It's not a celebration for the timid. It doesn't offer well to the recreational player. It is a tip top rivalry for the world class players, and individuals with cash to blaze and an adoration for the amusement. What's more, this makes it less demanding for PokerStars to work together like PokerStars once worked together. 
Before PokerStars got too huge for its boots, it knew who its client was. It knew their names, what they ate when they dozed, what pained them, and what made them cheerful. The move towards the recreational player model botched that. How would you satisfy the expert processor, the mid-stakes novice, and the smaller scale stakes Spin and Go, addict? 
You can't, and this is the reason the expert poker players got so pissed with PokerStars. The biggest online poker room on the planet concentrated on their biggest player base, and that pushed the masters to the other side. At the point when arrangements for WCOOP started, PokerStars went to 2+2 and requested criticism. And after that they asked some more. What's more, some more. When they in the long run discharged the last timetable it had experienced five noteworthy adjustments containing more than 100 individual changes. 
Advertising has nothing to do with deals. Promoting is about imagining an item that individuals will fall over themselves to purchase. It's about making a need and afterward fulfilling it. The professionals need and made WCOOP. 
The new timetable will include a record 82 occasions. The $5,000 Main Event conveys a $10m Guarantee, and an ensured $1.5m to the victor. 
There will be a $102,000 purchase in High Roller, a four-day "Marathon" occasion, a $21,000 Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) High Roller, and even two 'Player Choice' recreations where a voting procedure will guarantee the topic of giving players what they need is done the at a granular level. 
Criticism from the players has likewise empowered PokerStars to cut a few expenses by dispensing with the issuance of gold wrist trinkets to the victors. The 2 Chance occasions have gone the method for the Dodo. Furthermore, the WCOOP Leaderboard will pass out over $70,000 in real money prizes and additionally a PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) experience and Turbo Championships of Online Poker (TCOOP) Main Event tickets. 
Interestingly, a littler purchase in calendar will reflect the Big Daddy WCOOP plan. Smaller than expected WCOOP occasions make a path for the recreational players to get a vibe of what it resembles to play in online poker's chief occasion. The competition subordinates will be the same as the essential calendar with cost based at 1/100 of the up front investment, aside from where purchase in surpass $1,000, and soon thereafter Stars implement a $11 top. 
WCOOP starts Sunday, Sep 4 with five occasions up for snatches including the begin of that four day 'Marathon Event'. Players will love it since players made it.
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