Qui Nguyen can't clarify the importance of the Rocket Raccoon cap he's ragged all through the World Series of Poker Main Event, so much like the TV group of onlookers, his tablemates are left speculating. "I know it's from 'Gatekeepers of the Galaxy,'" Gordon Vayo said. "Yet, I don't know anything about it." Chalk up the inquisitive headwear as another beguiling part of the 39-year-old neighborhood's keep running toward the $8 million ahead of all comers prize in poker's big showdown. 

Nguyen is a puzzler, and not one the poker world has come any nearer to fathoming since the $10,000 purchase in occasion restarted Sunday at the Penn and Teller Theater in the Rio. Subsequent to leading the pack from the last table's underlying hand on the primary night, Nguyen just expanded his preference amid the second round of activity. He'll go into Tuesday's last session, which starts at 4:30 p.m. also, show on a slight postponement on ESPN, with 197.6 million chips — more than kindred finalists Vayo and Cliff Josephy have consolidated. 

"Some of my companions said, 'Gracious, you're winning,'" Nguyen said. "I say, 'No, don't state that.' Anything can happen at the table, however I'm doing as well as can be expected." Nguyen would break a pattern of eight straight years — as far back as the World Series of Poker executed the deferred arrange — where an expert in their 20s has won in the competition. He views himself as an expert card shark, not only a poker player, but rather had never recorded any significant competition results and discussed enormous misfortunes at the World Series of Poker before the current year's Main Event. 

Vayo fits nearer to what's become the normal profile of a poker champion. The 27-year-old San Francisco occupant began playing professionally 10 years back, persisting multimillion-dollar swings before he was mature enough to legitimately buy liquor. While Nguyen has pushed the activity and played a larger number of hands than anybody at the table, Vayo has adhered to an arrangement of alert. He's underscored not gambling an excessive number of his chips in circumstances that could turn unfavorable. 

"I was completely mindful coming into this that I may make a few folds where individuals would state, 'Amazing, that was fascinating,'" Vayo said. "However, I know those spots and I'm not hesitant to look senseless." The persistence paid profits amid Monday's 6th hand when Vayo made three of a kind on the tumble with pocket 8s. He continued to play it latently, permitting Vojtech Ruzicka to feign three times and lose about his whole stack. 

Vayo, who completed the day with 89 million chips, led the pack for some time until Nguyen zoomed back by him to a limited extent by scoring the following end. Nguyen called an in with no reservations wager from a short-stacked Michael Ruane with Ace-Jack. Ruane indicated King-Queen, putting him at a slight inconvenience. The flounder of 9-9-2 changed nothing, yet Nguyen started to celebrate when a Jack hit on the turn despite the fact that the card enhanced Ruane's odds of winning by giving him a gutshot straight draw. A safe 8 went ahead the stream, however, to guarantee Nguyen won the pot. 

"I was eager to get contributes versus him on the off chance that I could however he's playing great and it's difficult to put him on a hand as a result of his flightiness," Ruane said. Nobody realizes that superior to Josephy, who had the lead following seven days of play in the late spring however has since lost heaps of chips to Nguyen. Josephy, a 50-year-old from New York with two past WSOP title arm ornaments, had an especially baffling background sitting to one side on Monday. 

Nguyen put Josephy to a choice for the majority of his chips halfway through the night in spite of holding a generally frail beginning hand with pocket 4s. Josephy reluctantly collapsed his Ace-Queen. On different events where Josephy re-raised, Nguyen was much more grounded —, for example, a couple hands after the brave moves with 4s when he appeared with pocket Kings. Josephy eventually survived and promised himself no less than a $3.4 million payday, yet he knows he has ground to make up with just 50 million chips. 

Josephy clowned with Nguyen toward the end of Monday's play about his absence of accomplishment in their experiences. Nguyen let out a grin and snickered. He never anticipated that would be the player everybody was attempting to make sense of at the last table, yet he beyond any doubt is getting a charge out of it.

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