According to the police report, two students were arrested on Tuesday. They were suspected of illegal wagering on the outcome of baseball matches in 2014 and 2015. 40-year-old Shigeo Matsunaga and 26-year-old Kentaro Oishi were accused of providing the opportunity for betting and gambling between March 2014 and August 2015. It is interesting to note that both criminals charged commission fees for their gambling services from eight punters. The list of their customers included some famous individuals. For example, baseball players from the Yomiuri Giants Shoki Kasahara and Satoshi Fukuda used to enjoy their betting services.
25-year-old Kasahara was suspected of helping 38-year-old Satoshi Saito. He also provided betting services. 
Shigeo Matsunaga did not admit the accusation of taking commission fees. As for Kentaro Oishi, he decided to cooperate with the investigating authorities and did not deny his participation in illegal schemes. 
A spokesman of the local police reported that Kasahara had helped Saito to collect money received from betting. The funds were provided by two former baseball players from the Yomiuri Giants team.
Oishi introduced Kasahara to Matsunaga in April 2014. They often used to gamble in some underground gambling houses of the capital of the country. Apart from Tokyo, all of them were also seen in gambling facilities of Yokohama.
Matsunaga and Oishi used e-mail messages to inform their clients about the current odds for different matches and games.
The investigation has not yet been finished. The police believe that Saito had the other organizations above him (for example, yakuza).
In addition, Ryuya Matsumoto from Yomiuri Giants was accused of wagering together with Matsunaga.
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