Best Scheduled slot tournaments 2020 (April)

Regular casino tournaments

The gambling houses have long been arranging tournaments among the customers. Competitions on poker, blackjack, video poker, roulette, and other games were first popular in real institutions, and with the development of online gambling came to the online casinos.

At first, operators preferred large-scale events, which lasted for weeks or even months, passing in several stages. Now the planned tournaments are more in demand among the customers, which are held regularly on the announced schedule.

Promotions of this type are considered in the reviews published on this page of Casinoz.

What does "casino tournament"mean?

To avoid confusion, let's understand what the term means:

A tournament is an event during which customers compete with each other, trying to become one of the winners.

In other words, players become rivals to each other, although often in the course of the tournament they also play against the house. For example, at the specified time, they can play for money in the normal mode and along the way claim part of the prize pool.

Types of regular casino tournaments

Regular tournaments can be held in different formats and to imply a lot of additional conditions. The following criteria can classify them:

  • Coverage - a contest is arranged in one or several institutions;
  • Access – participation is open to all users or selected clients;
  • Games - on what games they are held;
  • Entry fee – do you need to pay for participation;
  • Additional purchases - is it allowed to purchase additional games credits;
  • Prizes - what is at stake: money, bonus credits, comp points, prizes;
  • Determining the winner - how the winners are determined;
  • The distribution of the prize fund – how the prizes are distributed between the winners.

In some cases, other characteristics can be distinguished.

The most popular games in the casino tournaments

At the present stage of online gambling development, the largest slot tournaments are the most popular. Most often they are free, themed, held on certain slot machines, and the prizes consist of loyalty program points. This is a very common format that held by many institutions.

Also there are tournaments on roulette, video poker, table types of poker and other games.

We are not talking about club poker in this case. It a separate direction, which has only an indirect relation to the casino.

How to win casino tournaments?

You can give useful tips on playing in tournaments, only taking into account all the features of the rules and other nuances of the event. Practical recommendations of gambling experts can be found in the particular section of the site.

Casino slot tournaments tips

General instructions of experienced users are as follows:

  • Participate in tournaments only in games which you know good.
  • Read the terms carefully.
  • Take note of all the specifics: the number of participants, the size of the entrance fee, prize amounts, dates and so on.
  • Keep track of your opponents' current results.
  • Change tactics and strategy based on the current situation.
  • Do not rush in the early stages.
  • Do not be distracted by other games and tasks.
  • Do not drink alcohol during the tournament.
  • Do not play when you are drowsy or tired.

These tips are especially important if you play for money.

Reviews of scheduled tournaments at Casinoz

The main feature of regular casino tournaments is that they are held permanently. This means you don't have to learn the rules and develop new tactics every time.

You can choose the events you are interested in once, make a schedule and participate in them at your convenience.

Our articles will help you choose the best tournaments. We review them according to a plan:

  • Introduction - where it is held, what's the name and other data,
  • Schedule – when it is held,
  • Games -  what models participate,
  • How to get there - how to become a member,
  • Rules - how the event is held,
  • Prize Fund - amount and units of prize money,
  • Payouts - how winnings are awarded to winners,
  • Other tournaments - other casino competitions,
  • Conclusion - general conclusions,
  • Pros and cons – advantages and disadvantages.

Do not forget to write a review about the casino tournament in which you participated. Share your opinion, boast of achievements, advise beginners. Readers will appreciate it.


Playing online casino tournaments is really interesting, and sometimes profitable. This is especially true for free events, there is no hight competition. Yes, there are no big cash prizes here, but you can get an impressive number of loyalty points or become the owner of another prize.

Read articles about tournaments at Casinoz and learn how to gamble right with the help of our experts.