Have you ever wondered how the internet has changed our lives forever? And how it took over all kinds of fields and businesses? 

Gambling is sure one of the greatest industries that were affected by the prevalence of the Internet, and soon enough, Online Gambling was born to satisfy gambling lovers’ needs and wildest desires’.

Years ago, when online use was still not at its peak, people took their precautions and would not even consider spending their money online. However, things have changed today. Online Gambling gained a good reputation; it became legal in many countries (Some provinces in Canada, European Unions and different nations in the Caribbean). And guess what? It is just as thrilling as real gambling, and definitely just as safe.

However, the question of the payment method always raises itself. What is the best way to handle the payments and, most importantly, what is the most secure one?

You sure can be exposed to a lot of options when it comes to that. Each method of payment offers different service and charge differently. Some casinos accept them, while some do not. So what’s the best you can find out there? Let me help you out:

One of the most effective methods that people have decided to trust is PayPal. PayPal is a virtual account that you can fund through your bank. Throughout the years, it was proven to be the most suitable way to send and receive money virtually

PayPal came to existence because of the good bond it had with eBay. It holds around 200 million users all over the world, and thanks to its strong track record, its astronomical user base, and various security measures, it quickly made its way through to become one of the most major Payment Internet Companies. It currently works with 25 different countries and has sites in more than 180 countries. 

Top 10 Online Casinos that accept PayPal payments:

  1. 32Red.
  2. 777 Casino.
  3. Mr Green Casino.
  4. Spin Palace.
  5. NetBet Online Casino.
  6. Virtual City Casino. 
  7. Dash.
  8. 888 Casino.
  9. Party Casino.
  10. Bet VICTOR
  11. PeddyPowder.
  12. Last Vegas.com.
  13. NedPlay.
  14. PlayOjo.
  15. RubyFortune.

The advantages of PayPal services:

The advantages to PayPal services can be linked to different major features, features that clients find necessary to process:

  1. Transparent track record: The reason behind PayPal’s success is its long track of safe payments’ treatment. Millions of people have been using it easily and without any complications or troubles.
  2. It protects the client: Thanks to its protection and security systems, the client can be certain that there is no risk of being robbed.
  3. Speed: This is one of the most important features that PayPal possesses. Online gamblers do not have to wait around days and days waiting for their deposits and payments to take place. It is instant, effective and suitable for online gamblers.
  4. Online gamblers don’t have to memorize their credit card’s digits anymore; they just need to type their e-mail address.

NB: PayPal has some disadvantages for gamblers though, it is not available in all countries and not all Online Casinos accept PayPal.

PayPal Online Casino: The Top Benefits

It is important to bring to your knowledge that PayPal itself has distinct services and it is up to the customer to choose the service that suits them the best, for instance: (PayPal Access Card and PayPal. Me)

In the table below, you can take a look at other PayPal services and what they offer to their respected clients: 

PayPal MePayPal AppPayPal e-WalletPayPal Access CardBussiness Solutions
Available in more tahn 18 countriesIt allows gamblers to send and receive payments via a phone number or and a PINPay online using just a username and a password.Allow payments like a normal debit cardReceive payments via online stores
It allows gamblers to send a request for funds using texts, emails or other programsPay in store selected accessReceive payments from both individuals and business holdersWithdraw PayPal funds from ATMsReceive money transfers
Payment is available from one to another
It organizes credits cards, debit cards and bank accounts in just a single online spaceA MasterCard debit that is linked to the PayPal e-WalletGet payments in store

How to choose casino with PayPal method?

First and foremost, because it is known for its good reputation and great services, PayPal is quite strict and picky with the casinos it works with. As a matter of fact, it avoids getting involved with bad reputed casinos (usually the ones who cause problems or receive a lot of complaints). 

In addition to that, PayPal does not allow its service to be used by old casinos, and that is why you should be reassured when you find a PayPal method used by an online casino, this is good news, and it can only mean one thing: The site is pretty good and reliable.

Now that we have established why PayPal is a good call to make let me break down to you how it works. Don’t worry, it is not rocket science, yet there are some steps that you ought to pay attention to, to make sure that you have all the right information:
  • The first thing that you need to have is a valid e-mail address so that you can open a PayPal account. Fill in your personal information then you will have to connect your PayPal account with your credit card or your bank account (One of your choice).
  • Login in Casino.
  • Go to Cashier.
  • Choose PayPal.
  • Fill in an amount of deposit.
  • Make your deposit.Start playing.
    Pretty simple, isn’t it?

    After having done that, you just need to be careful with the following points:

    1. There are some countries where PayPal is not available; thus, they accept neither deposits nor withdrawals. That’s why you need to pay attention and make sure your country is on the list. European countries (Austria, Greece, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Ireland, Belgium, and Denmark) are usually there, but you need to double check, for some countries do not hold a gambling license which makes it illegal to play.
    2. Some online Casinos might charge you with a deposit fee for using PayPal. The percentage of the fees depends from one casino to another.
    3. Some casinos might also charge you with a minimum deposit.

    PayPal Online Casino: The current problem with US players:

    Unfortunately, US gamblers have been struggling with some issues for some time now. The Federal limitations on gambling make it difficult for gamblers to play. The federal legislations shackle US banks from dealing with gambling matters.

    So, gamblers are not able to use PayPal for online gambling. The question for many is, will PayPal going to be willing to include US players as clients? 

    It is a question that only time can answer.

    Conclusion: Should PayPal be your choice?

    As far as your casino deposits and withdrawals are concerned, PayPal is, undoubtedly, one of the greatest ways to handle your payments with online and mobile casinos. It is easy to use, secure and safe. The utter flexibility, security, and convenience of PayPal make you want to make it your only method. 

    In this respect, you can send and receive money to and from your casino account with no complications or issues. 
    Of course, PayPal is not the “ideal” service, yet, it is nearly getting there. One thing that cannot be denied though: it is absolutely the best method to send and receive money Online.

    When it comes to choosing PayPal for your online gambling, it is safe to say that it is just the call you need to make.

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