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Before proceeding directly to a discussion of the different models, we want to explain what we mean by "the best casino game."

In our opinion, in the best game the client has the highest chances of winning.

Fun gameplay, colorful decor and amenities interface seem secondary, although we recognize that they may be crucial for those who come to the casino only to have fun.

Beginners also should warn fans of gambling entertainment that most of the following games require certain skills and abilities. Without them, it would be difficult to expect a satisfactory result on a long time interval.

We will consider the best games according to general categories, pointing out exactly what version or bet types are the most beneficial.

Yet do not forget that we are talking about theoretical mathematical chances and reducing the house edge as a whole, rather than in each individual case. Even professionals often go home in the red. Nobody is immune.

So start looking at casino games you should give preference, if you are interested in the result.

Video poker

Not all video poker games are very beneficial to the player, but in some of them can get rid of all benefits of a casino. One of the best versions of video poker is Jacks or Better 9/6. Numbers at the end mean that at a bet of one coin, a full house gives nine coins, and flash - six. Of course, other factors and the basic rules have to be traditional.

But a prerequisite for the game in any video poker, including this one, is to follow all recommendations of the optimal strategy. You'll find them in a special article on Casinoz. By the way, you can print it and take a decision according it. In video poker, you will not be rushed.


This is one of the most popular games in offline and online casinos, which is offered in numerous versions. Choosing the best of them by yourself is not easy, therefore it is better to trust the opinion of experts. However if you spend some time studying the article about chances of blackjack, you will quickly identify the most profitable rules.

You will also learn the basic strategy and money management. If you are going to play in a real casino, you should learn how to count cards, it significantly increases the likelihood of a successful outcome.

In online casinos card counting does not make sense, but playing on the strategy is important. Our special articles will help you get closer to the professional level.


Craps has a huge variety of different bets. Each of them has a mathematical casino advantage, and in some it does not exist. Accordingly, your task is to find out which are the most favorable bets. Again, Casinoz has a publication with useful information for you.

Of course, there are also different betting systems, but they will not help you win. Masters of Games allegedly controlled roll of the dice, but that's a topic for discussion, and it is not for beginners. Many people do not believe in the efficacy of this technique.


Long gone are the days when it was an expensive entertainment of aristocracy. Now, when it is offered with any bets in nearly all online casinos, every one can play baccarat. Terms of versions of the game available in casinos are very simple. You will only bet on the the dealer's win or draw of the player. A right decision is to bet on the banker, as it has the minimum casino advantage.

You also need to pay attention to the factors of interest payments and the fee charged by the casino. Yet it is worth considering the number of decks involved in the game. The more, the higher the theoretical return. However this factor has not very strong influence on the final result.


In Hold'em and other poker games players are opponents to each other. Maybe you do not agree that it is a gamble, as many prefer to call it the sport of poker. But the terminology is not so important. The main thing is that in poker all depends solely on your skills, since it does not have inherent mathematical advantage of the casino (although the game cache under the casino will have a small percentage of the bank). So we recommend to look at this game.

Video Slots

Video slots are rarely considered as most profitable casino games if you take into account their house edges. But there are models with rather high indices, like over 98%. Many players are not ready to spare time and efforts for learning blackjack or video poker basic strategies. For them, video slots can be the best choice. Moreover, as a rule, they are very interesting and colorful.

The above games did not fit you?

People reading this article may do not want none of the above. What should they do? First of all, give up the most unfavorable options. Try to find information about the advantages of casinos incorporated in a game (or bets), which you prefer. In most cases, you can find a better analogue.

For example, if you like roulette, play on the French version with the return of half the money lost in case of zero. If you like slot machines, look for information about their inherent theoretical percentage if return. Even keno, bingo, scratch cards and all kinds of arcade games can greatly vary in this indicator.

And if you absolutely can't stand an evening with am unfavorable game, at least try not to rush and do not raise bets. The faster you play and bigger bet, the more casino earns.

In short, do not be lazy to learn and be wise.

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