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Entanglement of American laws in many states and simple lack of logic in some of them have long since become a byword. Of course, not without the oddities in the law on gambling. Sometime later we will give you a detailed article about the most interesting of them and now let's talk about California and the unusual roulette offered in the local casinos.

Its main feature is that the winning numbers are not determined by the classical method, when the ball is thrown at a special track and falls into one of the pockets with numbers, but several other methods.

Actually, California Roulette has several variations. We'll tell you about the main varieties, but first let's look at how and why it was necessary to make such changes in one of the most conservative games.


It all began in 2004 when the state government passed a law banning games where the results was determined by ball or dices. Probably, they assumed that such means will abolish the roulette and craps, because the first game is unthinkable without the ball, and the second is hard to imagine without the dices.

But the Americans would not have such a weighty position in the world, if they were not surprisingly resourceful or even quirky. They have long learned to bypass their ridiculous laws and casino owners quickly figured out how to offer their customers both roulette and craps. However we will devote a separate article to the California craps, and here will tell you about roulette in the casinos of this state.

Features of California roulette

So California laws require that gambling results were determined by the cards. Do you think it is impossible to combine roulette and cards? Easily. Moreover, even without the ball.

There are two main types of California roulette. In the first one, dealer spins the drum with thirty eight cards with numbers from one to thirty-six, one and two zeroes. The winning card is determined by the hand, similar to the one used in the wheel of fortune.

The second version is played in casinos in the north of the state. There, the roulette wheel is divided into sectors of red and black, but without numbers.After spinning the wheel, the dealer pulls out a shoe with cards and puts them on the red and black fields of the table. Cards are usually shuffled by shuffling machine. To determine the winning color, the dealer turns over the card, after that payments are made.

Some casinos also offer roulette with other rules, but they are far less common, so we will not describe them in detail. Moreover, all these details do not change the basic fact. The key is that these "weird" changes appeared to save favorite games of the casino customers without violating the law.

We can only admire the ingenuity of U.S. gambling operators. However our casino owners are also able to disguise bad, but that's another story, which deserves a whole series of individual articles.

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