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When players first visit online casinos, many of them wonder, why download and install it if they can play for money right in the browser. Even knowing that this version of the game has significant limitations, they do not want to go into the installation process, preferring to settle for what is offered in the flash version.

The answer to the question "Why download casino software?" is simple. It opens access to all features the casino offers to its customers. Flash version of any online casino can not be compared in terms of functionality with playing in the software. This is proved even in two games.

In this article we will analyze how to download online casino software to your computer and setup it to help inexperienced users understand all the nuances of this issue. We will take one of the most trusted casinos - 888 casino as an example. We offer you right now open it in a separate window and go with us though all the stages of installation, registration and start of the game.

Download and install the casino software

Download free online casino 888 on 888.com. To do this, click on "Download Casino", in the upper right of the screen. When the dialog box appears, select Save File. In different browsers, this window might have a different view, however, in all versions you need to specify a location on your computer to save the file. The installation file is very small size (less than 300 kb) so it is loaded very quickly. You can download the casino without registration to see its contents.

After downloading the file, open it by double click The wizard will automatically download the installation file. You should not interfere in this process. Wait until the window with the license agreement opens. Tick "I accept the agreement" and click Next.

In the window specify a disk and folder on your computer to install the casino software, and the shortcuts to be created. If you do not make any changes, it will automatically create a shortcut on the desktop, in the Quick Launch folder and in the "Start" menu, and the software will be installed on the C: drive partition in Program Files. After making all necessary changes, click "Install".


After the installation process you will be offered to register.

In New profile, fill in all fields with Latin letters. You MUST enter only valid information and your official data (credit card account in the various payment systems, passport, etc.). This will prevent potential problems with withdrawing money. If you filled out a field incorrectly, it will have the red exclamation mark near it.

You better enter you address as follows:

  • 25, Lenin street,
  • apartment 34 (first - house number, the second - the street, the third - the apartment number, if you live in an apartment building).

Do not forget to tick that you are eighteen years old and you accept the terms and conditions of registration at the casino.

After filling all the fields, click "Create Account". If you did everything right, you will receive a message that the registration is completed, your username and password. Do not rely on your memory and keep them in a safe place. In case of errors, you will be returned to those items that are empty.

From the dialog box, you can go to the casino (Enter) or replenish your account (Make a deposit).

Log in the casino

In the dialog box at entering the casino, you should enter your username and password created at registration. If you want your login name and password to automatically appear at next logins, tick "Remember me!". However it is better to do only on personal computers that you use only and that are not used by unauthorized persons.

The next window offers you to make a choice between playing for fun and playing for money. Play for fun is a mode where you can play popular casino games for free, just play around and get used to the new casino. The real money mode involves playing for real money. If you feel insecure, you can start with low bets. Fortunately, in 888 casino the lower limit is very democratic.

Making Deposits

If you chose to make a deposit, go to the ticket window (lower left corner). At the cashier, you can make a deposit, withdraw winnings and exchange the bonus points.

Exit the cashier by clicking Lobby in the lower right corner.


As you can see, downloading the online casino is easy just as installing it to your computer. Afterwards you can delete it if you do not like something. So, the conclusion is: why limit the possibilities, if everyone, even the most inexperienced user can use them. So, right now (download a casino) in just a few minutes.

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