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This article deals with fake software for online slots. We hope that these recommendations will allow our readers to gamble a little more profitably and much more reliably.

The market of online casino software has long been divided by various corporations. There are the leaders who define the face of the industry and worry about their own reputation. The titles of software developers such as Netent, Microgaming, Novomatic are known by almost everyone. They are symbols of quality. For instance, a slot machine by Netent is estimated as reliable among gamblers who reasonably believe that they will not be deceived. Visitors of the casino who have decided to play, for example, Guns N 'Roses expect that there is the high payout percentage provided by NetEnt, which varies from 95 to 97%.

After all, such reputable software producers do not allow casinos that use their software to customize it and set the payout rates. Casinos receive a ready-to-use product and cannot interfere with its operation. Well, they can actually adjust it minimally: they have statistics for slots and the opportunity to customize free spins for promotions. The payout percentage cannot be regulated. Any reputable developer will never provide gangs of frauds with such an opportunity. Software developers constantly monitor and check their software sold to the casino. All databases are located on the protected servers of the software manufacturers. So, they are not threatened by viruses, glitches, and hacking.

In addition, there is another level of online casino software monitoring. Before the developers start selling their software, it is checked and controlled by international auditors, such as eCOGRA, and then receives a quality certificate.

But that's not all. The random number generator embedded in the slots must also be verified. In particular, the iTechLabs monitoring laboratory is responsible for such activity in the company NetEnt. It monitors the integrity and fairness of RNGs for all slots produced by NetNet and guarantees the transparency of operations.

Thus, certified brand slots always operate honestly and correctly. They report about the payout percentage of 95-98% and offer an opportunity for gamblers to win.

How Does the Fake Software Appear?

Some gamblers probably don't know that the huge number of online casinos use fake software. Not too many gambling establishments on the Internet can boast the brand software manufactured by the leading manufacturers. We are talking about reputable legal casinos. Most semi-legal casinos cannot afford the original software due to its high price. Nor they enjoy the lack of the ability to change the payout percentage in slots and constant checks by the software developer. However they want to use a famous brand! And if there is a demand, then there will be an offer.

Hundreds of small firms are engaged in manufacturing fake software under the leading brands. Slots are especially important. Most counterfeits are surely inferior to the original ones, but sometimes there are quite good-quality games. Fraudsters often copy only the design of the slots and create their own algorithm that absolutely differs from the original one. However brand slots can also be used to produce fakes. They are disassembled, programmers take the entire content of slots and create a managing file for them.

Such a fake software is very cheap. It can be purchased for approximately $1,000 (just to compare: you need to make a "security deposit" of 200,000 euros to open an online casino with the licensed software by Netent). A huge bonus for casino owners who buy such software is the ability to customize it. They can select not only the payout percentage but also the frequency of bonus and winning combination appearance, the size of the pot, and many other things. Users can notice all of such options in administrative panels of such fake software.

Copies of the original slots developed by the leading manufacturers are customized by the casino owners themselves, who are not under any control, so everything depends solely on their honesty and greed. However if a casino does not have the money to buy the licensed software, how can it find funds for paying out money to gamblers in accordance with the standard payout percentage? In such casinos, it may drop to 80% or even less.

And this is not the worst option if you can withdraw money from this casino. After all, gambling establishments that use fake software violate the law and do not cherish their reputation. Well, if casino owners are interested in long-term profitable business, they will never buy an application with controversial reputation. The very presence of fake software at an online casino indicates that it is always ready to deceive its customers. It's only a matter of time. Firstly, payouts to gamblers will be made. However when the profit from such a "scam" reaches its maximum, the payouts will stop.

How to Distinguish Fakes from Brand Slot Software?

Given the information above, we can conclude that you should avoid casinos with fake slots. But how to distinguish the original slot from the counterfeit? In general, it's pretty easy. Firstly, you can play for free at legal casinos, such as 888, Eurogrand, or William Hill and even don't think about fakes. The casino with history cherishes its reputation. It is more profitable for its owners to operate honestly.

Well, if you visit any unknown online casino, you will need any application, which allows you to check the traffic. Actually, this can be done even directly in the browser. You will also need a table with a list of management servers of the twelve most famous developers of gambling games, which produce 99% of all slots available.

Then, you need to perform the following actions using one of the simplest methods of verification with the help of the Mozilla Firefox browser.

  1. Run the slot that you want to test.
  2. Click on it with the right mouse button and select "Test the Element". 

  3. Select a tab "Network" in the frame at the bottom of the page.

  4. Then it is necessary to play one spin. At the bottom, you will see the requests to the server where the databases of this slot machine are located.

After highlighting any of the lines, a frame appears from the right side, in which in the tab "Headers" you will see the URL of the management server: https://netent-game.casinomodule.com/...

Now you can be sure that you have selected a slot machine by Netent, since the slot uses the casinomodule.com server.

It is necessary to be careful, since fraudsters can use phishing elements. For example, last year the casinomodul.com domain was registered and several casinos with fake Netent slots that used this fake gaming server appeared.

Therefore, we recommend that you should add this page to the favorites and check the table of servers whenever you have any doubts about the origin of gambling software. After all, the right choice of online casino is very important.

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