Online casinos have already become almost a home for many users of the worldwide network. They will unlikely fall for the bait of cheaters and will not play in a questionable casino, will not only rely on luck in blackjack or video poker, and will not be getting unprofitable bonuses. We are pleased that the skill level of many of them rose thanks to our articles and reviews.

But at the same time, online casinos remain terra incognita for many players.

  • They doubt whether to use the services of such clubs.
  • They are afraid to be deceived.
  • They do not know whether it is possible to win.
  • They doubt they will be able to withdraw the money.

These and many other questions trouble them, and they need fair answers.

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We have chosen the most common questions for online casinos and tried to give short answers to them. We hope that they will be helpful.

Are There Fair Online Casinos?

The answer is "Yes!" Whatever the skeptics say, some casinos work strictly according to the rules set in their user agreement and under the requirements of regulatory authorities.

Another thing is that not all customers bother to read the agreement or do not understand the principles of operation of online casinos. As a result, there are unpleasant situations, and they feel they have been created.

Such situations occur when you receive bonuses or try to withdraw money received as a reward with all conditions.

How Can You Find an Honest Casino?

Casinoz does not own any online casinos. Moreover, it is not representative of some gambling clubs. This means that we can not vouch for any of them. Nevertheless, there are many casinos that we have no reason to doubt their integrity. We recommend them in the Top 10, "Casinos of the month," and reviews.

The main criteria for determining the honesty of a casino are:

  • licenses from respectable regulators,
  • openness to customers,
  • software by a reputable manufacturer,
  • cooperation with the independent auditors,
  • the responsiveness of support services,
  • detailed user agreement,
  • references in prestigious media,
  • participation in esteemed casino programs, etc.

All this reduces the likelihood that the casino cheats.

How to Choose an Online Casino

Today's online gambling has so many casinos, making it difficult to choose. On the one hand, it's terrible because it is hard to prefer one website. On the other hand, you can always refuse the casino's services if it is alarming because you can try hundreds of different casinos.

  • Before signing up at the casino, check the license (do not be lazy to go to the site of the authority that issued it).
  • Then specify where the head office is located.
  • Look at the casino software to see if it is regularly checked by independent auditors (they should publish reports).
  • Read comments of casino customers on various forums (can use reviews on Casinoz). But remember that both positive and negative feedback can be paid for.
  • Make sure you like the games that the casino offers.
  • Read its incentive program.
  • Carefully read paragraphs of the user agreement (better the English version).

Chat with customer service support (their number can tell you a lot).

Should I Claim Online Casino Bonuses?

It depends on the conditions for receiving and wagering them. Read particular articles on Casinoz describing the pitfalls you can stumble in if you thoughtlessly take bonuses.

You can agree to some bonuses without risk. But there are bonuses, which are very difficult to wager, and before that, you can not withdraw money. In other words, they are more advantageous for a casino than a user.

So be cautious about bonuses. Gone are the days when the bonus hunters hunted in full at the casino, getting money "for free." Now every sentence of a casino must be assessed from all sides.

Casinoz also has a section about bonuses offered in various casinos. There, we can explain everything in detail.

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What Online Casino Games Should I Choose?

It would help if you started with the fact that all games can be divided into two categories.

  1. The first group includes those where a player can influence the outcome with the optimal strategy. These are blackjack, video poker, and others. Achieving maximum results in them is possible only with the help of the correct approach.
  2. The second group consists of the games, where out can rely only on luck. These are most slot machines, roulette, scratch cards, and entertaining games. Their plus is that you can have fun, not thinking hard about what move to make next.

In some games, the player can affect the overall result, choosing the most efficient bets in baccarat, craps, French roulette, and other games.

In general, you must determine which category best suits you best. If you want to learn and develop, you prefer blackjack or video poker. In some games, you can reduce the house edge to almost zero.

If a casino is for fun, do not bother with such complexities. Choose slot machines with the highest return percentage - and go for it.

Can I Make a Living as an Online Casino Gambler?

If the first question we have answered unequivocally affirmative, here we almost as firmly "No!"

Modern online casinos are ready to become a great place of entertainment, but in every way, they will prevent you from earning on them.

Every game has a house edge over the player, and getting rid of it is impossible in most cases. Really beneficial bonuses are pretty rare. Card Counting in Blackjack in online casinos is inapplicable (we discussed this in another article). Also, forget about bets systems (we explained why a hundred times).

  • Of course, you can choose the most profitable game and learn how to play it correctly.
  • Then you can carefully filter casino bonuses, using only those that can be useful.
  • You can participate in the loyalty program and periodic promotions and sweepstakes.

Let's not forget about casino tournaments. Some of them have no entrance fees. This leaves the chances of improving the financial situation without any risk.

If you think carefully about each step, you may remain in positive territory. But it requires you to take time and will not bring the expected results (of course, if you do not win a JACKPOT!). If it can be considered earned, you decide.

Is There a Winning Betting System?

We repeatedly talked about why betting systems (not to be confused with optimal strategies) cannot help achieve positive results. We will not repeat it in this article. Read other authors' publications and translations of articles by foreign experts at Casinoz. 

Here is a simple answer:

Winning betting systems do not exist.

No one has yet proven the practical effectiveness of at least one of them.


We have examined the most frequently asked questions about online casinos. The others are technical details, strategies, games, and other non-core issues. If you have not decided whether to play in an online casino, check out other publications on Casinoz. There, we honestly and impartially reveal all sorts of topics. Indeed, they will help you to make the right decision.

Frequently asked Questions

🧐 Can I trust online casinos?

You can trust the internet casino if you have chosen a reputable gambling website with licenses from respected regulators, certificates from famous auditors, and software from the best providers.

🍀 Should I participate in all casino promotions?

It depends on the website. Some online casinos offer beneficial bonuses. Others provide numerous promotions but the terms and conditions are not advantageous for customers.

🎰 What games do internet casinos offer?

As a rule, video slots are the most abundant group of games. There are also numerous kinds of blackjack, roulette, poker, video poker, etc. You can also play against real dealers in live casinos.

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