Modern online casinos operate in three main formats:

    Browser version – all games and services are available directly in the browser; Downloadable software – users must download and install additional software; Mobile version –interface version for smartphones.

There are also houses offering to install a browser plugin, but this is not a very common approach.

At the dawn of online gambling, the client program was considered almost a mandatory attribute. It was difficult to imagine a really high-quality service without it.

Currently, many portals abandoned the downloadable version and successfully operate in browsers. However, hundreds of institutions still offer players to install the casino software, and users prefer this type.

We will talk about the latter in this article.


Let's start with the fact that gambling portals are often available in three versions at the same time. It's important to understand:

Downloadable client software, browser version and mobile online casino do not compete with each other. They are designed to make the gameplay as comfortable as possible in all conditions.

You can use three options if the institution offers them all. For example, it is better to run the installed version to play at home on a personal computer. It will open access to a full range of opportunities and provide a stable connection. If you have to play on a laptop that other people use, limit yourself to the browser version. And if you have only a smartphone or tablet at hand, a mobile interface is at your service.

Recall that one account is enough. You do not need to register separately for each option. The administration will treat this as a violation of rules.

Advantages of downloadable online casinos

Let's highlight the main advantages of download casinos:

  • A more extensive selection of games;
  • Faster start;
  • Graphics of the best possible quality;
  • Very low system requirements, allowing you to use even older computers;
  • Minimal dependence on Internet speed and communication stability;
  • Access to all promotions without exception, including sweepstakes and tournaments;
  • More reliable protection of clients' money and personal data.

In fairness, we should stress that many browser-based casinos successfully offer all of the above services without installing additional software. Every year computer technology improves, the quality of communication increases, and the cost of the Internet falls. All this partly negates the advantages of downloadable versions.

What online casinos can I download?

Most cross-platform establishments offer gambling games of several brands are available only in-browser versions. Their mobile casinos are also can be launched without installing additional software.

However, downloadable software is also still in demand in the world of online gambling. For example, many casinos on the Playtech platform or representatives of the Casino Rewards group work in this format with software from Microgaming.

In today's gambling business, the lack of a downloadable version is no longer considered a serious drawback, but many users consider its presence an important advantage.

In any case, diversity a good thing, and you can decide which type suits you best.

How to download online casino for a PC?

The client program is always free. In any case, reviewers of Casinoz did not come across institutions that would require money for downloading and installing software.

If the institution offers a downloadable version, the administration will recommend using this format, focusing your attention on its advantages. This is not surprising, because, according to statistics, the client who installed the program often plays in an online casino.

The download and installation process is unlikely to cause difficulties even for inexperienced users. However, most sites publish step-by-step instructions on how to accurately perform all the necessary operations.

Let's consider them on an example of William Hill online casino, which offers services in downloadable, browser and mobile versions.

Open the official website and find the "Download" button. By clicking it, you will download the installation package.

Find it on your computer. By default, files are saved in the Downloads folder unless you specify a different path.

Run the file, confirm the intention and wait for the program to download all the necessary files and install the casino. Sometimes you need to agree with the rules of the institution by selecting the corresponding checkbox.

Upon completion, a start window will open, offering to log in to your account or register if you do not have an account. Once again, it is not necessary to start a new profile.

If you're already registered, just sign in. If not, follow the instructions to complete the form. Casinoz published a detailed article on how to register at online casino.

Features of the casino client program

Of course, the downloadable online casinos of each software developer have their own unique characteristics, design features, and capabilities. However, any program will have the following sections:

  • Lists of games with thematic sections and additional parameters of selection by different criteria;
  • User account with personal information and settings;
  • Cash Desk where you can make deposits and request withdrawals;
  • E-mail box with messages from the administration;
  • List of promotions currently available;
  • Page with information about current bonuses and events in which you participate;
  • Support window.

If the casino hosts tournaments and sweepstakes, they will be placed on a separate page.

After installing the client program, do not rush to play. First, carefully examine all the features and functions.

We also recommend that you immediately check how the online support chat works. Feel free to ask them a few questions.

The software can be updated at startup. In this case, you just have to wait for the process to complete.

How to download mobile online casino?

Smartphone versions can also be browser-based or downloadable. In the second case, institutions offer special programs for devices powered by different operating systems. Most often we are talking about software for Android and iOS. These programs are also always free.

This format of mobile casinos has the same advantages as client programs for computers:

  • Faster game loading;
  • Higher quality graphics;
  • Less dependence on connection quality;
  • Variety of models and promotions;
  • Additional features and so on.

Note that the majority of modern mobile online casinos still work in the browser version.

How to install the plugin to access the casino?

Some gambling houses support only web versions but offer customers to install a browser extension. It allows you to bypass all kinds of internet blockings and provides uninterrupted access to games, bonuses and other services of the portal.

Carefully read the information about plugins. The technical specifications describe which browsers they are suitable for. Usually casinos publish detailed manuals describing the installation process.

How to play safely in a downloadable online casino?

Here are some recommendations on how to ensure the maximum level of security when playing at an online casino via the client program:

  • First of all, play only in reliable institutions with a good reputation, with licenses and other attributes of an honest gambling operator.
  • It is better not to install such software on computers that are used by several people. Even if we are talking about friends and members of the same family.
  • But if you do not have a personal PC, take the trouble to come up with a really strong password.
  • Do not be lazy to enter your username and password every time.
  • Even if you can tick the "Remember password" boxes or "Automatic login", it is better to refuse AutoFill. What if your computer falls into the wrong hands. Why make life easy for thieves?
  • Install reliable anti-virus software. Password sniffers and other online scams have long been commonplace.

Be careful. Internet scammers on the alert.


In conclusion, we remind readers that the browser version, downloadable software, and mobile casino complement each other, allowing the client to choose the most convenient option in any possible situation.

The casinoz portal recommends not to be limited to one type, but to use the most appropriate variety in the current conditions. The main thing is to remember about safety and remain prudent.

Read the recommendations of our experts, follow the news in the world of gambling, improve your skills and learn how to resist gambling addiction.

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