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Security services of many modern casinos have already forgotten about this once popular form of cheating as marked cards. And it is in vain, because this practice has not been forgotten, and its use is not limited to clandestine and playing on the street. Not so long ago in Connecticut the police arrested a man who marked cards at a table of Hold'em. In his hotel room they found a large amount of cash, clearly intended for games and special equipment used for marking cards.

Some time later, a similar incident happened in New Jersey, where the cheater marked cards in an old-fashioned way. He did it with a piece of sandpaper glued to the finger. Similar cases were detected in many casinos closely monitoring tables for card games. It is possible that this technique did not disappear, and cheaters learned how to mark cards more skillfully so that they are undetected.

How to do marks?

In both the above cases cheaters were not professional gamblers. Otherwise they would not have tried to use so banal tricks in a large casino with a powerful security and acted more subtle. Mandatory inspection discovered their marks, although no one suspected these players of foul play.

We will not dwell on the methods used by cheaters for tens or even hundreds of years. They include using a nail ring or sharp objects, bending over, tucking the entire card, using Vaseline or sandpaper, cards for the shear. All this adventurers are for stupid beginners who decided to take this dangerous path. Any experienced manager or security officer in good faith doing duties can easily detect such cheaters.

However not all cheaters act so primitive. Some use specific solutions that may resemble eye shadow, lipstick or even dust. The problem is that these substances are almost invisible to the naked eye. They do not muffle as coloring eventually erased, and they are difficult to detect, even at close examining the cardsCheaters may see marks using special glasses or contact lenses.

As a rule, if the shirt of red cards dominates, the marks are made bysolution which can be seen through the lens of green. To see them, the lens should have a special coating that creates, as they say in the photo, a red-eye effect. However progress does not stand still and now there are lenses that have this drawback. So determining the suit color is almost impossible. Even sunglasses do not cause strong suspicion. Especially when it is a game of Texas Hold'em and other varieties of sports poker. Here casino customers play with each other and often competitors can not find it by the eyes.

How to detect a cheater marking cards?

The professionals are very sophisticated, and catching them on the hot spot is extremely difficult. The solutions used are only visible through special lenses and do not appear in ultraviolet light. Lenses look quite natural, and this method of correction is now used by millions of people.

It seems that a casino has nothing against cheater, but it's not so. A casino can minimize the risk of such cheating, if it listens to the advice of professionals and at least try to implement them. And they recommend the following.

First of all, examine carefully all the players in the casino lobby, and especially those who look suspicious. Of course, first you need to check their cards for any visible damage. If they are okay, but suspicions remain try to discreetly find out is whether the customer wears contact lenses, as well as where he can keep the solution for marking cards.

Remember that the solution can be of small amount. It's enough to put a thick layer on an object and then slowly move your finger. There are cases when cheaters out the solution on rims of glasses, buttons, cigarette packs, beer bottles and so on. One known cheater was caught when he always took casino chips in a thick layer of material. Women often store solution in a powder, lipstick and other cosmetics.

Tracing when cheater puts fingers into solution is extremely difficult. If he is experienced and smart enough, it will look like a natural movement, which is unlikely to cause the slightest suspicion. For example, if a substance is on a mobile phone keypad or lighter, he will quietly take it making calls or getting a light. But pay attention to the movement of his fingers. That's where he can give himself away.

And once again check the eyes of the players and their looks. We have already decided that glasses or contact lenses at a client is not a reason to suspect them. However his looks can tell a lot. Do not think that cheaters will stare at the cards during a hand looking at the mark. Professional try to do it quickly, and still do not observe the process of the distribution.

If they want to support a conversation, try to ask them questions or stories during a hand of cards. At the same time look them straight in the eye, forcing to do the same. Most gamblers try to cast at least a fleeting glance at the cards. If you see that the visitor is extremely interested in the process of distribution, this may be a reason to look at him more closely.

In any case do not forget that many professionals do not work alone. It is possible that a person you suspect of cheating plays only a diversionary role and the main cheater remains in the shadows and quietly does the work.

They can sit at a busy table opposite each other. At the same time a major player can be without lenses or glasses. It all shows that the distribution of cards does not interest him. Therefore, he communicates with the other visitors, waiters, rises a glass from the table and so on. The partner marking cards and gives him signals, but he plays poorly.

So keep an eye on all the players at the table. Danger to the casino may be from quite unexpected visitors. But do it carefully and tactfully. In the end, you do not want to make an honest customer to feel uncomfortable in the walls of your casino.

In some games, to make life difficult for cheaters, you can use the features of distribution. For example, if a dealer in the Caribbean poker opens the first card, and remaining four are under them, the cheater will hardly see the mark. It is also useful to keep the top card in the deck before each hand or exchange. Anyway, we should not allow the dealer to put the cards in a row.

The most dangerous method of marking cards for a casino

In our opinion, the greatest danger to the casino is marking cards before they are into play. It must involve employees or card providers. In the first case, a deck of cards is substituted by a bribed manager or pit boss. In the second casino, a casino buys marked cards.

To avoid it, streamline the process of using new decks. They may be under constant video surveillance. You may also have a security officer. In short, the more control - the less the likelihood of cheating.

Purchase card from reliable suppliers. It is best to order them directly from the manufacturer, if possible. Try to give access to cards to minimum number of people before they get into the casino hall.


There are many methods to mark cards. Certainly, not all of them are well known. Therefore, protecting a casino from it by a hundred percent is hardly possible. So be extremely cautious, carefully work with clients and stop it if you feel that you have developed a paranoia.

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