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In this article we will focus on the program Roulette Lucker, designed to help successfully play roulette. But first, let us recall a few basic provisions that every customer of online casinos must know.

How does online roulette work?

It's no secret that roulette is not the best, but very exciting game. However, if you do not want to bother with learning the basic strategies of blackjack or video poker, craps and do not like baccarat, roulette is the best one for you. And the percentage of the house edge it is quite low. But you have to accept is the fact and not delude yourselves that you can tip the scales in your favor.

Once again: on the long run of casino, games will take 2.7% of all presented at the European roulette bets. It is an axiom, although the concept of a long run is very vague and should be seen in the theoretical meaning. Some of the nuances of the rules that apply to different rates, can reduce or increase the rate (usually 00 or La Partage). More about this is in our article, follow the link.

The second thing you must understand is no algorithm in a roll of winning numbers while playing in an honest online casino. Predicting the winning number is impossible. All independent auditors that test random number generators in reputable institutions, confirm this fact.

Roulette Lucker

We can conclude from the above that all programs, trying to help you win at roulette in online casinos are meaningless. If there is no general algorithm that they calculate? How do they predict the winning numbers?

But back to Roulette Lucker. The creators of this product, probably can not be called crooks, because they honestly warn that

"The proposed program does not provide a guaranteed win, but can maximize your streak of luck".

Moreover, they say that

" ...and, contrary to popular game systems, it protects against big loss".

They tell potential buyers that in empirical research the program has shown better results than mathematical calculations. Authors "suggest that some small bets on casino results align the random number generator to avoid strong deviations from the average deposition numbers".

In fact, the accusation of fraud is for casinos, because intervening in the RNG is prohibited by law in any country and the licensing of virtual gambling.

Then creators talk about "principle of winning, when you use Roulette Lucker, is that the probability of losing money in the bank is reduced to 1 in 1000" . We can only guess where they got this data from.

five video lessons to describe Roulette Lucker are attached. They describe in details all elements of the user interface, and someone with a plaintive voice and gestures leisurely spin for spin testing program.

Its essence boils down to what you need to specify the size of the bank and hammer in a special window of the winning numbers. A program dictates where and how much to bet on. Easy to see that it selects those numbers and sectors that have not dropped out.

Among recommended game in a casino is, to our great surprise, William Hill. It surprises us becuase this casino is suspected of alignment results of random number generator (which was repeatedly mentioned by creators of Roulette Lucker).


Roulette Lucker is free to download and test for three hundred spins. Then, you will have to buy it. The authors are convinced that the testing program is better for real money, but it is for you to decide.

We tested it in training mode, and, of course, Roulette Lucker has not shown no outstanding results. However, it could not show them, because it is based on the false assumption that there is some loss patterns rooms and baseless allegations in casino results.

Therefore, we recommend that you do not waste time on Roulette Lucker. In practice, it is useless. The only thing it can offer is make the exciting game really boring and unbearably dull. Do you need it?

UPD 26.04.12

They could not provide in the discussion extended statistics on the results of their customers, but got offended by this article and started to blackmail us.

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