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Slots: online or live?

A lot is said on the advantages and disadvantages of online casinos and real casinos. In particular, and on the pages of Casinoz. However, drawing parallels between the game on the online slots and traditional slot machines in the land-based casinos will do no harm.

At first glance, it may seem that there is much less difference between them than, for example, between card games. Yet, they are, and very significant. But first let's talk about what they have in common.
First, in the real and online casinos, characters on the screen slots are defined by the random number generator. It alone affects the outcome of the game, and you can not intervene in it's work in a legitimate way. The general principle is also the same - a player spins the reels on the screen form winning combinations, then the payment is made.
In fact, those are computer programs run on special equipment or on the PC screen. So what's the difference? Let's start with the advantages of virtual machines.
First, you can play for free only online, because in real places there is no such possibility. Many users prefer online casinos just for that reason. They play each new game in the training mode, before moving on to real money bets.
Secondly, online slots offer players higher interest payments. We can not say that they are more profitable, but such a trend exists. It is because the land-based casinos have much more expenses than those that operate on the network.
Third, in a real casino popular slot machines may be busy for a long time. Of course, playing on the internet, you'll never encounter this problem. All slots at online casinos are available at any time, unless under maintenance.
Moreover, in the halls with slot machines there can be many slots, but still they can not be compared with the range that you can find online. And you do not need to literally travel from one casino to another. Slots from any manufacturer are within two mouse clicks.
We will not describe other pros play of playing online again. No collateral costs, massive tournaments and promotions, bonuses, security - anyone who has ever been in the online casino knows that. The final argument in their favor is that many fans of slots just can't play them in everyday life.
The main advantages of real machines is unique atmosphere of the casino, the possibility of collective visiting rooms, communication with friends, watching shows, the combination of playing with other forms of recreation. In general, they win in the social factor.
So you can decide what suits you best. If you prefer a virtual model of the casino Top 10 versions of Casinoz presented many of them. So, anyone can find a slot for themselves.

Rating: 8.73 / 10
( votes: 22 )
Date : 2011-10-17
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