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Slots can be classified as the youngest games. However, we can not call them the young, because the first models were born a century ago. Slot machines have been a bumpy ride from primitive mechanical devices to complex computer programs.

Currently, the network has many new games of this kind. Almost every famous casino for real machine has a virtual analog, which is called an emulator. They are especially popular with customers, preserving attachment to your favorite games for many years, even if there is a more modern version.

But back to the history of slot machines.

First slots

Slot machines are about a hundred and twenty years old. With so little (in historical terms) age, it is not surprising that inventor of the first slots is perfectly known to everyone who is interested in their history. It is Charles Fey, a German immigrant, who lived first in New Jersey, and then in California. He is called the father of slots.

When Fairy was about twenty years old, doctors discovered that he had tuberculosis and claimed that he would not live a year. However, he not only lived for many years, but also became a legend of the world of gambling.

In 1887, Charles constructed the first slot machine. It was called Liberty Bell and consisted of three reels with twenty symbols (bells, horseshoes, stars and card suit), which formed a combination and took nickels. The slot was a resounding success, and within a few years mass production of Liberty Bell slots was established.

I must say, Fey was not only a talented engineer, but also a successful businessman. He gave slots to rent at 50% of the profits they bring. He consistently refused to sell machines or give the right to produce them, though he had great offers from all the major manufacturers of the casino equipment.

Only in 1907, he began working with the Mills Novelty Company, it resulted in a new slot called Mills Liberty Bell. Later, a model was developed into Operator Bell. Its popularity is proven by the fact that he sold more than thirty thousand slots.

In 1891 in Brooklyn company Sittman and Pitt, its own version of a slot machine was developed. It was based on the principles of poker, and the payments were made for the fallen poker hands. Some researchers think that this was the first slot.

Significant changes in the structure and design slot machines were made in the thirties of the twentieth century. First, annoying bells, which informed about winning were removed from all slots. Secondly, they had a double jackpot. The design also became more attractive and various. New models were called Lion Head, Roman Head, War Eagle and Castle Front.

Boom of slot machines

Slots became really popular in the forties. They appeared in almost all casinos. At first - among women, husbands and companions who prefer to tempt fate in the traditional card and table games of chance. A few years later slots brought the highest profit to the casino.

The first electromechanical slots called Big Bertha appeared in the fifties. They were equipped with an engine capacity of five horsepower. Each of the eight drums had twenty characters, and return on the slot was 80%. These slots accepted coins of larger-esteem, making them attractive for high-rollers.

Automatic Money Honey from the company Bally Technologies became the first fully electronic slot. He appeared in casinos in 1963.

Era of computers

In 1980 Sircoma made a real revolution in this area by releasing equipped computer for video poker. This model statred the era of modern gaming machines. The creation of random number generators increased the trust of players to slots. Gradually modified principles of customer service, receiving money, make payments, and so on.

When the first online casino opened, slots were among the first casino games they offered. Currently there are thousands of them. It seems that in today's world, no significant cultural event has it's gaming machine.

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