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Have you ever heard that the professional players and just experienced casino customers longer remember the loss, while the newcomers better remember the winnings? We did not come across statistics or credible research to support or refute this view, so we can only rely on their own observations.

Yet we believe that this statement has rational basis. We are going to explain our point of view.

What's the Problem?

When inveterate casino visitor wins, he takes it for granted. He does everything right, and the positive result becomes a natural reward. But the loss (especially not the first one in a row) makes him analyze his actions, look for errors, change something and so on.

For the newcomer casino win is always happiness. He plays clumsy, relying mainly on gut feel and luck. His is happy insanely when illogical act in blackjack turns payment (especially if the partners on the table to convinced him to do opposite things). He boasted that he had caught a straight flush in oasis poker, changing three cards. How not to remember this!

A losses... Well, losses... Green player explains them by banal bad luck, the casino advantage, dealer's cheating, inept neighbors, and other factors, to which he, as it seems, can not influence.

This proves once again that the professionals are guided by reason and lovers by emotions. Therefore, we want to ask you,

What do you feel when you lose in online casino or real one? Do you remember the losses? Do you analyze them? Do you try immediately to win back? Or do you simply dismiss the failures, believing that you can not win playing with these frauds?

Useful Tips for Players

Now several pieces of advice:

  • If you want to improve your level continually and gradually move from the amateur category in the category of skilled and competent players, you just have to spend some serious work on mistakes. This is one of the first lessons that you must firmly grasp.
  • Of course, losses and even long black stripes don't occur constantly playing in the casino. You must be ready for it. But every time you leave the casino in the red, you have to think, whether the negative result is a consequence of wrong actions.
  • In addition, it is important to learn how to take a loss. Forget the extremes. Despair because of several consecutive losses and fierce desire as quickly as possible to win back are equally unacceptable for a professional. To paraphrase a well-known expression, we say that your mind must always be cold, no matter how hot is your heart.
  • Ideally, you have to play within the range of rates at which your bankroll will be able to withstand a few bad sessions in a row. In this case, losses would be not critical for you, and you can safely take them. Read articles written by famous blackjack players, devoted to this subject. Their recommendations will be useful to all casino customers, regardless of their preferences.
  • If your loss caused serious psychological problems, it would be necessary to make a pause. Give yourself time to calm down. Do not rush to run back to the casino. In the excited or depressed state, you can easily make mistakes and make matters worse. Go do something else, totally unrelated to the gambling.

Many people believe that exactly winnings make a person dependent. But the losses are not less dangerous in this respect. They make you want to win back, they hurt ambition, they awaken competitive spirit, and as a result the casual visitor of casino becomes a regular customer

In short, from every loss you must learn a lesson, not perceiving failure too close to the heart, but not ignoring it. This is one of the components of competent casino playing.

Read the publication on the portal Casinoz. We will continue to discuss topics related to the psychology of the players.

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