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Among a huge number of promotions in online casinos attracting customers, the tournaments where the winner is the player who made the highest amount of bets in certain time. Usually there are several winners, and they share the prize pool in accordance with their rank. Such competitions sometimes even have beginners who do not understand pitfalls they may encounter. Casinoz is committed to help all interested players to understand what these tournaments are so that they can decide whether or not submit a request for them.

First of all, we must understand that a fixed amount that will guarantee you a place among the winners of the tournament is very difficult to predict. You can bet ten thousand dollars, and then it turns out that to participate in the prize section you had to wager ten thousand dollar. So be prepared that any amount, no matter how big it may seem to you, can be beaten by someone.

But the main thing is not even that. In online casinos, you can try your luck in your favorite games, participate in tournaments or play at the tables with certain promotions. All this is not so important. The main thing is that you start playing with a strictly fixed bankroll and will never exceed it. We talked about it on our web site in the articles on a variety of topics, but this is so important for successful playing in online casino that we once again remind you about it.

Moreover, the size of your bankroll should be within your financial capabilities. Its size should not make you worry and lose composure. Only this approach will ensure that you will not find yourself among people suffering from gambling addiction. If you set a goal to win at all costs in a tournament, you can exceed the size of the prepared bankroll and expose yourself to danger.

Most tournaments on the maximum amount of bets set a minimum limit, below which a player is out. For example, this amount could be thousands of dollars. If none of the players make the total bets of thousands of dollars, the prize money will not be played. It is a fair position, whereby the casino ensures that a substantial part of prize will not go to players who did not give the tenth part of it, when there are no more serious players in the tournament.

Therefore, the first thing a casino visitor interested in such a tournament should do is check the minimum threshold for participation and compare it with your bankroll allotted to this game. Otherwise you risk spending much more money than planned.

If you are already in the tournament, stay and lose only this amount. In the end, if it is not enough to hit the winners, you have nothing to lose. Consider what is happening as a normal game where you are not lucky, and you lost. If you can monitor the tournament leaders, do not try to catch them and bet more than you planned.

Never participate in tournaments for the maximum amount of bets in the games that you do not know good enough or you do not like. If you are constantly playing blackjack or video poker, because these games depend not only on luck, but also your own professionalism, do not be tempted to sit at the poker table for the sole reason that it is possible to participate in a such tournament. Of course, most tournaments are held on the slot machines, but it does not mean that there are no other games. Perhaps you should check other casinos.

Especially refuse from participating in a tournament if it has special rules less favorable to participants. This sometimes happens in some casinos. In blackjack, for example, they may limit the fold in games.

Let's summarize everything we talked about in a few paragraphs.

    Choose tournaments where the minimum amount required for participation does not exceed your usual bankroll Stop playing when your allotted bankroll is spent already, even if the tournament is not over yet. Choose only those games you know well and like. Never participate in the tournament, if it's rules are trimmed. Never violate the basic strategy for the game, even if you feel that it will help to win in the tournament. Take participation in such tournaments as an additional opportunity to win and nothing more.
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