White Label Casinos

The term of "white label casino" is very at foreign websites dedicated to gambling. And many domestic players are not just faced with it. This is an interesting system allowing users to play in many new casinos, clones of existing resources. Casinoz.me offers readers to know better about this phenomenon and draw their own conclusions.
White label casino
Meaning of "white label"
The white label concept has been used in economics for several decades. It stands for products (or services) produced by one manufacturer and then used by other companies, selling them as their own. Roughly speaking, they just put labels on their goods.
White label means that the package is empty and any company that will enter into a contract with the manufacturer can use its name. It is believed that the term came from DJs who used stickers of rare records so that competitors could not find an artist of the composition, they lost in discs.
Such phenomenon is widespread in the market of electronic goods. TVs, DVD-players, tape recorders and other appliances can be off the production line of the same plant, but come to the stores under a different brand. This practice is also used in the food and banking business.
In recent years, the worldwide network has lots of online casinos classified as white label.
What is a casino white label?
A system of white label is the easiest way to launch your own casino. Many successfully operating casino software manufacturers buy the right to resell other's products under the white label. Then pay a relatively small fee to anyone who wants to provide the necessary software and a standard site.
The owner of the new casino can completely change the design, create their own logo, bonuses and draws. Of course, the site of the casino will be located on a unique domain. However support services and tickets are usually shared between parent and child brands.
So, when a white label casino starts, about half of the profits go to the main owner of the resource. Typically, the contract provides the possibility of a full purchase of the casino, but the amount of this transaction, as you can guess, is much higher than the original price.

Reasons for popularity of white label casinos
We are talking here about the popularity among gambling operators. Below we will discuss if they are beneficial for clients. Number of white label casinos is growing in the network, because it's a great opportunity to become a full owner of a casino that can be controlled at your own discretion at only a few thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars (although there may be certain requirements).
However the low price is not the only advantage, because it eliminates the problems with obtaining licenses, selection of personnel, debugging of the site and so on. In the end, it allows to run the project much faster.
In this aspects, white label casinos benefit almost everything. Their owners may in a short time start to make a profit without making large investments. Parent resource opens such places at buyers' money, and then only "cuts coupons." Manufacturer of software not only receives a percentage of the profits, but also promotes the brand, so it is also not for nothing.
How players should treat white label casinos?
For the players the situation is just ambiguous. Typically, these casino are silent about belonging to other resources. They are trying to convince potential customers that it is a brand new casino, because it is more profitable for them to provide unique bonuses, hold unique promotions and so on.
But let's be frank. If a casino gives away half of the profits, how can it offer users more attractive conditions for a game? It's very doubtful. Besides, it is not independent. Total tickets and support should meet certain basic requirements - all this severely limits the administration of white label casinos.
Moreover, in case of problems it can be tricky to achieve a solution in favor of the customer, because you will need to solve the matter with the owner of the new casino, and not a parent resource. In general, the conclusion is that it is better to avoid such casinos only if they do not offer exceptional conditions.

Is it possible to recognize the white label casino?
If the casino wants to hide their connection to the category of the white label, it will be difficult to recognize it. Most often you can find out the truth by the phone support service, which is the same as in the parent casino. But, sometimes you will have to check a lot of casinos on the same platform.
In some cases, you can get the necessary information on the website of the company that produces the software.

As you can see, white label casinos are a very common phenomenon in the modern online gambling. We do not claim that all these casinos have nothing interesting for players. There are interesting resources among them offering clients the good bonuses and a high level of service. Nevertheless, it is better find out if it is a white label casino in advance.

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Date : 2011-11-09

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