Astro Roulette Review

The famous Oryx Game Company has released an extremely unusual kind of roulette named Astro Roulette. The symbols, meaning zodiacal signs are imaged at its wheel and table mark instead of the common numbers. Definitely, this gambling online game can interest the players, who are interesting in astrology and believe that it can help them gain the favor of fortune. The team of Casinoz has prepared a review of Astro Roulette special for you. 

7.22 /10
Astro Roulette
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Where to Play Astro Roulette?

Play Free Demo Astro Roulette without registration

You can play Astro Roulette online roulette by the virtual as well as by real bets in SinCity Casino, where it is possible to launch online gambling games without registration in a training mode. Moreover, this roulette is available in other online casinos, powered by the software developed by Oryx Gaming. You can also test it right at Casinoz.

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Online casino with Astro Roulette

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How to Play Astro Roulette

Astro Roulette is an original online roulette, which wheel is divided into thirteen sectors: twelve zodiac signs and one infinity sign instead of zero.

The signs are marked with different colors at the table mark. Every sign means each element: fire (red), terra (green), water (blue), air (white). Moreover, all the cells are white (moon) or dark grey (sun). The symbols are located by 4^3 scheme at the table mark.

The aim of the game in Astro Roulette is to guess the sector where the ball is going to stop and make the proper bet.

Astro Roulette accepts the bets of following kinds (with indication of the payment indexes):

-       Number one – 11:1

-       Two numbers – 5:1

-       Three numbers (spring, summer, autumn, winter) – 3:1

-       Four numbers (columns) – 2:1

-       Element (fire, terra, water, air) – 3:1

-       Moon or sun – 1:1

It is possible to stake from twenty five cents to twenty dollars per one number. Please check the limits for other kinds of bets right in the Astro Roulette online game.

The gameplay of Astro Roulette can’t surprise with anything special. You have to make bets for any symbols, then the ball, which determines your winning sector, would be launched.

Astro Roulette Bonus games

The prize payoffs as well as the bonus rounds are not provided by the rules of Astro Roulette.


A progressive jackpot is not raffled in Astro Roulette.

Astro Roulette Interface

The interface of Astro Roulette is translated to several European languages, however, the quality of translation leaves something to be desired. Some captures are translated incorrectly that can mislead most of the players. However, in general it is possible to study out the particularities of this game intuitively. It is enough to test Astro Roulette during a few minutes. Fortunately, it is possible to make it in a fun mode.

The main part of the screen of Astro Roulette is covered by 3D roulette wheel. Under wheel the gaming table with mark for the bets is situated. There is an informational line and table with last won symbols in the right top corner. The images of chips, which are available for staking, as well as buttons controlling the gameplay are situated below.

There are following user’s settings in this game: sound (volume of game and background music and mute mode) and selection of graphics resolution (two modes).

There is also a detailed informational section in Astro Roulette (multi-language as well). The statistics section is also provided.

It is not necessary to download Astro Roulette online roulette, because this game can be launched right at the websites of the online casinos, powered by the software developed by Oryx Gaming.

Should You Play Astro Roulette for Real Money?

As you know, most of the scientists consider astrology a pseudoscience, although millions of people all over the world believe in astrology forecast. However, the disputes of followers and oppositionists of this practice are not connected with Astro Roulette at all. It is just a stylized online roulette with unusual interface and rules.

If you are attracted by unusual gambling games, we highly recommend you to test Astro Roulette personally to make your own opinion about it. This model made a good impression on us, although its math preference, included into this game is higher than in the traditional European (not mentioning the French) roulette. Unfortunately, we don’t have exact information about the theoretical payback index of Astro Roulette.

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