Chinese Roulette Review

Just recently we were telling about an unusual kind of roulette, which the developers from Oryx Gaming have named Astro Roulett, to the readers of Casinoz. Today we would like to introduce you another model of this kind released under the same brand. Here we mean online roulette named Chinese Roulette, where the images of animals, favoring various years by the Chinese calendar, are used instead of the common numbers. 

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Where to Play Chinese Roulette?

Play Free Demo Chinese Roulette without registration

You can test Chinese Roulette without registration by the virtual bets right at Casinoz as well as in SinCity Casino. It is also possible to play roulette for the real money after the registration of the account I this casino. The game is presented in other online casinos, powered by the software developed by Oryx Gaming as well.

We would be happy to know your opinion about Chinese Roulette. Please write your responses about this online roulette in comments and assign a grade to the game.

Online casino with Chinese Roulette

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How to Play Chinese Roulette (Oryx Gaming)

Chinese Roulette is a free virtual roulette with unusual interface and irregular rules. The main difference from the classic roulettes is a lack of numbers at the wheel and table marking. Instead of the standard numbers, different animals are imaged here, such as a tiger, a snake, a monkey, a pig, a rabbit, a horse, a cock, a rat, a dragon, a goat, a dog and a bull.

The symbols are painted in four colors: yellow, green, red and blue. There are obviously twelve signs. There is also an infinity sign, which plays the part of zero in Chinese Roulette. The cell of the infinity symbol is shorter than the cells with other icons, that’s why the payoffs by the bets on this symbol are higher.

The aim of the game in Chinese Roulette is the same as in the standard roulettes. The player has to guess the winning number and stake the proper bets.

Internal and external bets of different kinds are accepted in Chinese Roulette online roulette. Let’s describe it shortly and indicate the payment index:

-       Per one sign – 11:1

-       Per two signs – 5:1

-       Per three signs – 3:1

-       Per four signs – 2:1

-       Per six signs – 1:1

-       Per infinity sign – 35:1

-       Per two signs including infinity sign – 8:1

-       Per three signs including infinity sign – 4:1

-       Per columns – 2:1

-       Per elements (fire, water, terra, air) – 3:1

-       Per seasons (winter, spring, autumn, summer) – 3:1

-       Per yin or yang – 1:1

The gameplay is quite standard. You make the bets, the virtual croupier launches the ball and makes payoffs. It is possible to stake from twenty five cents to twenty dollars per clear number. Please check the rest ranges of bets right in the game.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any information about the theoretical payback index of Chinese Roulette online game.

Chinese Roulette Bonus games

The bonus rounds and prize payoffs are not provided by the rules of Chinese Roulette.


A progressive jackpot or any analogues are not raffled in Chinese Roulette online roulette.

Chinese Roulette Interface

Chinese Roulette online roulette looks very spectacular. It has a colorful graphics and a convenient interface, which is available in several European languages. Unfortunately, the game is translated not very quality, however, it is not difficult to study out the rules. We wouldn’t describe all buttons and windows here.

We would only say that you can see 3D roulette wheel, which is always spinning, at the screen of Chinese Roulette. There is a field with marking for the bets under the wheel. Right from the wheel you can see a table with last dropped symbols.

The control panel is situated right from the table marking. There you can select chips of the suitable value, cancel selection, clear the field by click at the proper button and start the spin.

There are sections with rules and statistics by the played spins. The user’s settings give an opportunity to select the graphic resolution and control the background music.

It is not necessary to download Chinese Roulette online roulette, because this game is available right at the website of the online casino, so you can launch it right in the browser.

Should You Play Chinese Roulette for Real Money?

Chinese Roulette is a gambling game for the lovers of unusual models. It can hardly give any preferences to the players. Moreover, the theoretical payback index is obviously lower even than in the European roulette. The disadvantage of the game is a low quality of translation. About advantages we have already told in the review, so we wouldn’t specify it here again. We would give recommendations by playing Chinese Roulette a little later.

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