Blackjack Mobile Review

Blackjack is one of the most popular games of chance, which is considered to be the most intellectual. To become a professional blackjack player, it is necessary to learn the basic strategy and improve various aspects of the game. The most ardent fans of blackjack can play their favorite game without breaks, making real or conventional bets at mobile casinos running on the platform from Playtech.

9.13 /10

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Blackjack Mobile is a classic multi-deck blackjack, which can be played on almost all modern mobile devices. Wagers can be made in the range from ten cents to three hundred dollars.
Users play according to the Las Vegas rules with some features using six decks. There are the following rules:
  • One hand is available.
  • Cards are shuffled after each deal.
  • The dealer stands on any 17.
  • Blackjack is paid 3:2.
  • It is possible to split only once.
  • One card per hand is dealt after a split of aces.
  • It is possible to double after a split.
  • Insurance is paid 2:1.
  • The croupier deals two cards to himself and checks whether blackjack is formed or not.
  • If the player makes a double after which the dealer opens blackjack (the first card is an ace), both user's hands lose.
  • A combination made of ten cards (Charlie) beats everything except for blackjack.

Video game review Blackjack Mobile

Blackjack Mobile Interface

The interface of Blackjack Mobile is very simple and straightforward. There are no superfluous elements, so that nothing bothers you while playing. Only when you are playing for fun a window with an offer to play for real money may pop up.
At the bottom of the screen there is a semicircle with arranged images of chips of different denominations, which are used by players to stake within the allowable range. There are also the buttons Rebet and Clear Bet. Deal starts dealing cards. New Game triggers a new game. When the cards are dealt, the player makes a decision and clicks on the corresponding button: Stand, Hit, Double and Split.
In the menu users can switch between playing for money and for fun. It is possible to open the section Help and see the history, switch to another game and invite a friend to a casino. There are also options of blackjack. Customers can enable/disable advices and audio effects, select either normal or high speed of the game.
Blackjack Mobile from Playtech has surprisingly high quality and good-looking graphics. The major steps of the game are told by the dealer.


Blackjack Mobile manufactured by Playtech has fairly favorable rules. Therefore, it is an attractive version of the game for those who like gambling, really enjoy playing blackjack and intend to do this not only in real casinos or in front of their PCs, but also on holiday, in public transport, parks and other places.

Where to play Blackjack Mobile for free or real money?

Blackjack Mobile is available at various mobile casinos running on the platform of Playtech. Casinoz recommends that our readers should test it at William Hill Mobile Casino whose customers may play both for fun and for real money.
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