Double Exposure Blackjack Review

A variation of blackjack rules according to which the croupier deals himself two cards is not new. It has been known for several years and is widely used at various casinos. In this article we are going to talk about such a variant of blackjack developed by Microgaming, which is called Double Exposure.

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Where to Play Double Exposure Blackjack?

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Users can find Double Exposure Blackjack at many casinos running on the platform of Microgaming. Logos of such establishments can be seen below this article. Each of them has a link to the official website of a casino, where you will be able to register quickly and start the game.
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Online casino with Double Exposure Blackjack

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How to Play Double Exposure Blackjack (Microgaming)

The aim of the game does not differ compared to the one that is chased by players in standard blackjack. They need to get more points than the dealer without exceeding 21.
Double Exposure Blackjack is played using eight standard decks that are shuffled after each deal.
Rules for Double Exposure Blackjack have a number of specific features. However there are no fundamental differences from those that are found in some other variations of the game. Let's enumerate them:
  • Both cards of the dealer are dealt face up.
  • The dealer has to hit if he or she has a soft seventeen.
  • In case of equal number of points, the dealer wins. But if the player and the dealer both have blackjack, the user wins.
  • Blackjack of the player has higher rank than dealer's blackjack regardless of a suit of cards.
  • Blackjack is paid 1:1.
  • Double is available in 9, 10 and 11 points.
  • It is possible to double after a split.
  • It is allowed to make a split three times forming four separate hands.
  • After a split of aces one card is dealt for each split hand.
  • The repeated split of aces is allowed.
  • There is no surrender.
  • Blackjack can not be formed after a split of aces. This is considered as 21 points.
As you can see, all these rules (except for the deal of two face-up cards) can be found in other versions of blackjack.
The game starts with the fact that the user makes a bet of the selected size in the range between the minimum sum and the maximum amount for a table. Then he clicks on the button Deal. Two cards are dealt to the dealer and him. Analyzing the situation, the player may stand or hit. In certain situations, it is also possible to make a split or double.
In any case, even if you do not memorize all the nuances of the rules, only the buttons that regulate available options will be active.
When the player stands or busts, the dealer comes into play. He or she takes the cards strictly according to the above-mentioned rules, i.e. the dealer stands on a hard 17 and hits in case of soft 17. As a consequence, in many situations you can understand, based on the first two cards, who will win this hand and make an appropriate decision.
For example, if you see that the dealer has 18 points, and you have 19, it means that you should stand and the victory will be guaranteed.
Such an advantage of the player must surely be leveled somehow. Therefore, Double Exposure Blackjack has such unfavorable as a draw in favor of the dealer, the payout for blackjack according to 1:1 odds, hitting in a soft 17 and some others.

Double Exposure Blackjack Interface

The interface of Double Exposure Blackjack is convenient and intuitively understandable. If you activate expert mode, some additional buttons will appear: Autoplay and Strategy. The first one opens a dialog box of automatic game mode, and the second one provides access to the table with an optimal basic strategy for this variation of the rules.
There are also several settings that allow adjusting the interface according to individual preferences and a window with statistical data. The brief rules of the game can be seen by clicking on the table from the right side of the dealer.
We don't have even the slightest complains of the design or graphics of Double Exposure Blackjack. The game looks very colorful and realistic.

Should You Play Double Exposure Blackjack for Real Money?

Double Exposure Blackjack can be particularly interesting to novice fans of blackjack, who can hardly make decisions seeing only one dealer's card. It is difficult to say whether experienced players appreciate it or not, because most of them prefer the more familiar options for which they have the basic strategy. In any case, it deserves your attention at least in free mode.
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