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Sometimes, in order to win in gambling you do not need any luck, no special game systems or mathematical calculations or complex statistics - only need one simple magic. Squint - cast a spell - and bang! - A flash of lightning - and here it is, the victory. It seems that the creators of the slot machine Double Magic also only rely on magic, because nothing but a flash of lightning and a loud name in the design of this game is used.

9.14 /10
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How to Play Double Magic slot online

Double Magic is a three reel classic non-progressive slot from Microgaming with one payline. From gaming options there are presented "wild" symbol and a multiplier, and the maximum jackpot of $8,000. The game features a chance to win 18 different kinds of prizes.

Put coins from 25 cents to $5. You are allowed to put a maximum of two coins per line, so the overall rate will not exceed $10.

Free slot machine without registration is another kind of Vegas-style slots. The good old classic is still sweet to our heart and because the market is full of slot machines with the latest modern options and features done. A good proof of the fact, how traditional and conservative people are in their allegiances.

It has a wild symbol in the classic slot machine diversified gameplay. Wild star will give you more winning combinations than you could have before. Besides the benefits, you also get a substantial benefit when the star completes a winning combination of the multiplier option that was added to a wild symbol. For example, when the star completes a winning line, your prize is multiplied by 2 times. And when the two characters are replaced with the star symbols in a winning combination, the prize is multiplied by 4 times.

The theme of the gaming machine is visible in the logo of the game. Double magic is so powerful that the thunder strikes in all directions. Lightning on blue background blind and do not give players the power to question the magic that will win for you all the prizes in this game. Lightnings are abovethe place where all the magic happens. Spinning reels, bringing you a winning combination, and more and more threatening are outbreaks, and the state of your account grows. There is no magic in this mechanism anywhere. It is necessary to believe in it, it will work for you!

Double Magic Symbols, Wild, Scatter

The game includes most standard character set for the classic slots. It consists of a massive red "seven" clusters of cherries, the inscriptions "bar", double "bar" and triple "bar", each of the white-black decoration. The only symbol of the themes - the blue pentagonal star covered lightning apparently represents a double magic. It is a "wild" symbol.

Double Magic Bonus games

In the gaming machine "Double Magic" there is no bonus game.


The amplitude of the rate varies from $0.25 to $10, with a maximum amount equal to $8,000 jackpot.

Double Magic Interface

The layout of the usual three-reel classics from Microgaming - a rotating reel table payments and logo machine assembled on a single screen. The background is deep blue colored like a pentagram on the "wild" symbol of. All background is crossed by faults of electric charges. The glow and the lightning - everything is minimalist. The only decoration machine can be called a big logo of the game combining bright yellow and red, but it is nothing special. Making so unassumingly that even supplied standard set of Microgaming controls, consisting of gold buttons on a black background, looks almost a luxury. Buttons like a cast of gold, as if hinting to us about how valuable prizes can be in online casinos. Regular slot machine is the first step in a carefree future in where you will have no financial worries. We invite you to download the game for free and learn the machine functionaityl, not to make mistakes when you play for money. Management is extremely simple.

Activate the line can be achieved by pressing the Bet One.

By clicking on Bet Max, you activate your maximum bid.

By clicking on the Spin, you start rotating on the slot machine casino.

Adjust the value of the coin with the help of pluses and minuses. The result of adjustments will be seen in the round icon on them.

You can also activate the Expert. Then you have to enter the options you want to start the game in the automatic mode, which is very convenient for players who are going to play on the slot machine for a long time.


Slot machine is attractive by classical theme that was simple but nice and implemented effectively on the interface. Note also the convenience of the interface. All that is needed here - on the main interface. For information you will not have to go to the Advanced tab. The side of the reel shows us a detailed table with all the winning combinations and prizes that you can get by putting 1 and 2 coins per line.

Play Double Magic in Casino for Real Money

In today's world, the choice is so wide that you can get lost. You should not stray and go from one casino to an other,when you have a proven navigator in the world of online games. We recommend only the most robust gaming platforms. For better Microgaming games visit casino Betfair. Play Double Magic Slot at the online casino.
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