It is difficult to find a large modern online casino, which does not offer Jacks or Better Poker. This kind of video poker can be considered to be one of the classic ones. In fact, it formed a basis for many other versions of poker.

Playtech has a very beautiful and convenient model of Jacks or Better Poker whose review is available in this article.


Play Jacks or Better Poker

Jacks or Better Poker is a free online video poker with the classic rules for Jacks or released by Playtech.
A standard deck of cards without jokers is used in this single-hand poker. It is allowed to stake from one to five coins. The coin value at Europa Casino ranges from twenty-five cents to one dollar, so that up to five dollars can be wagered per hand.
The aim of Jacks or Better Poker is to collect a paid poker hand provided the paytable. It is allowed to exchange any number of cards once for free.
Poker hands that are available in Jacks or Better Poker are traditional. The lowest-ranking hand is a pair of jacks. The highest-ranking one is a royal flush. The biggest payout is four thousand coins. It is provided for a royal flush while wagering five coins (it should be noted that this combination is paid according to disproportionally low multipliers while making smaller bets).
Before you transfer the payouts to the account, you can wager the whole amount or its half in order to play a risk game. It is necessary to find at the first attempt a card out of the four hole cards, which will have a higher rank compared to the dealer's upcard. If you succeed, the payout will be doubled. If you fail, you will lose your bet. The number of attempts in one round is usually limited by the rules of a casino.

Jacks or Better Poker Bonus games

Jacks or Better Poker does not offer bonus payouts.


Progressive jackpots are not provided.

Jacks or Better Poker Interface

There is no need to discuss the features of the interface of Jacks or Better Poker in detail. Users can download this video poker with a full translation into different languages (including rules) that will provide them with the opportunity to understand all its nuances if English is not their native language.
We are just going to tell you that the bet size in coins is selected by clicking on the corresponding column in the paytable located at the top of the screen. The coin value is chosen using Plus and Minus located in the lower left corner.
Jacks or Better Poker has various options, which allow customizing many aspects of the game according to your personal preferences.


Jacks or Better Poker is one of the most profitable types of this game with a low house edge. Jacks or Better released by Playtech belongs to the best online models that should be tested by each fan of video poker.
If you want to learn how to correctly play Jacks or Better video poker following the optimal strategy, the special article on our portal will surely help you.

Where to play Jacks or Better Poker for free or real money?

We would to mention Europa Casino among numerous online casinos running on software manufactured by Playtech that offer Jacks or Better Poker. Almost all the games, including Jacks or Better Poker, are available both in free and regular modes. Casinoz offers to open this video poker without registration in order to play for free.

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