Novomatic Company offers the customers of the online casinos far not only various slot machines. Its assortment also includes quality online gambling games of other kinds. In particularity, it has developed and released several excellent video pokers with a multi-language interface, various gaming functions, the user’s settings and other advantages. One of such models is an online video poker named Joker Wild. We have prepared its detailed review just for you. 


Play Joker Wild

Joker Wild is a free online video poker, which can be played with the standard deck with jokers, which replace other cards in combinations when it is necessary.

Playing Joker Wild video poker is possible by the bet in amount of one coin of value in range from forty credits to ten thousands. The value of credits is determined by the casino rules.

The aim of the game in Joker Wild is to receive a payoff by the combination, exchanging up to five cards for free, when it is necessary.

The classic poker combinations from a Pair of Kings to Royal Flush are charged with payoff in Joker Wild. Moreover, up to five similar cards can be made with participation of the joker (Four of a Kind and Joker) and Royal Flush with Joker. The special payment indexes are provided for these combinations.

The gameplay goes on by the standard scenery for video pokers. First the virtual dealer deals the player five start cards. The player can change any quantity of cards free of charge. In case the combination is made from his start cards, it is paid by the stated index.

The play can try to increase the received winning in the gambling feature. There it is possible to stake the whole payoff or a half of it. Two hole cards are dealt. One of the cards belongs to the player, another is to the dealer. If you decide to play, the cards would be opened. If the customer wins the croupier, the payoff becomes double. It is possible to guess several times in the same round. However, there is no right for mistake.

Joker Wild Bonus games

Joker Wild video poker doesn’t provide the players with bonus payouts or games.


A progressive jackpot is raffled in Joker Wild video poker. Its amount is different for each bet, staked per round. To receive it, it is necessary to collect Royal Fluch combination without Joker.

Joker Wild Interface

Most of the readers of Casinoz would be happy to know that Joker Wild video poker is provided with a multi-language interface. It means that all the captures, sections and dialog windows are available in several languages.

There is only one screen in Joker Wild. The control panel is situated in the bottom part. Only the buttons, which can be used in the current gaming situation, are active. A line with tips by the game is situated a little higher and the cards are located right above it.

In the top part of the screen of Joker Wild video poker you can see the payment table by the combinations. There amounts of the winnings according to the current bet are displayed. After you receive the payoff, a window of the gambling feature takes place of the payment table.

Please pay your attention that numbers, meaning a chance (in percent) of making the combinations, appear next to every line in the payment table after the deal of the first five cards. It is very convenient and helps taking decisions in case you orient in the optimized strategy of video poker not well. Joker Wild has a detailed informational section with description of the rules and interface of the game, as well as a possibility to select size of the screen and switch off the background music.

It is not necessary to download Joker Wild video poker, because you can play it right at the website of the online casino.


Joker Wild video poker would by definitely likely to the lovers of numerous combinations, because it is made frequently here due to the jokers. It also gladdens by its convenient multi-language interface with statistics by the gambling feature. The graphics of this model is also pleasant and not annoying.

Please read advices by the strategy of playing video poker in the special department of Casinoz. Moreover, information provided in the payment table would help you to take right decisions in the gambling feature.

Where to play Joker Wild for free or real money?

We were testing Joker Wild video poker in StarGames Casino by the virtual bets, where the novelties by Novomatic regularly appear. Unfortunately, it is not allowed to launch online gambling games without registration even in a training mode. Actually, it is going to take just a few minutes to open an account here.

We would be grateful to you for your responses about Joker Wild video poker. Please write it in comments to the review.

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