The bulk of video pokers don't differ from each other. The player stakes on one or a few hands, gets five cards, exchanges any number of them for free and receives payouts for the resulting combination. Differences are mainly related to poker hands and odds for the calculation of payouts.

But sometimes developers of software for online casinos delight users with original models. Our review from experts of the portal Casinoz is dedicated to one of them. This is a free video poker Pick'em, produced by the company Playtech, which you have to test.


Play Pick’em Poker

The main goal of the game Pick'em Poker remains the same as in any other form of video poker. Users have to collect a paid hand, provided by the rules. At the same time, there are no exchanges of cards. Instead of them, the player may choose one of the stacks (read more below).
A standard 52-card deck without jokers is used in Pick'em Poker. Cards are shuffled before each hand. If the game is played on several hands, the individual deck is provided for each hand.
It is possible to play the video poker Pick'em on one, four, ten, twenty-five, fifty or one hundred lines.
The gameplay starts with the selection of the number of active hands and bets on each of them. It is possible to stake up to five coins per line. The range of valid coin values varies depending on the number of active hands. It can be from five cents to five dollars per one line, and between one and ten cents in case of one hundred lines.
Making a bet, the user receives two cards. Next to them, there are two stacks of three cards with only two face-up cards. Two initial cards are dealt on all positions in case of the game on several hands. The player selects one of the stacks and then all cards are attached to those that he had after dealing. If it results in having a paid hand, the payout is calculated in accordance with the odds.
In this version of video poker, classic poker hands from a pair of nines to a royal flush are paid. And the payout for the maximum hand in case of the bet in the amount of five coins is disproportionately overestimated, so it is always recommended to make a bet of exactly this size.
The total win, credited for the hand, or its half can be wagered in the game on even chances. You will randomly open one of the four cards, hoping that it will be higher in rank than the dealer's card. In this case, the payout is doubled. If the cards have the same rank, both parties lose nothing. If the dealer's card is higher, you lose money. You can play a few times, but it is prohibited to make mistakes and exceed the limit, determined according to the size of the bet.
Playing Pick'em Poker using the optimal strategy, you can reach the theoretical payout percentage of 99.95%. This means that the casino will not almost have the house advantage over you.

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Pick’em Poker Bonus games

Bonus rounds, bonus payouts or any other promotions for players are not provided.


Pick'em Poker does not have progressive jackpots.

Pick’em Poker Interface

The control panel can be understood without our advices.
It has a lot of different buttons that facilitate the gameplay and make it more comfortable. There are also several windows with information about the gameplay.
Some buttons (for example, relating to the game on even chances) appear only in the situation when they can be practically used.
Pick'em Poker has the window of user settings and the section Help with detailed descriptions of all functions.
Many online casinos offer the opportunity to download the video poker or to open it in the browser, so it is up to you to choose the most convenient way.


According to reviewers of Casinoz, Pick'em Poker has only advantages. We have not found any disadvantages. It allows users to play against the casino almost under equal conditions; it has beautiful design and convenient panel; it offers original rules; it provides an opportunity to stake on one and several lines; it is available in download-based and web-based versions; it has numerous settings and the section Help. As you can see, it is an excellent game of chance, which is certainly worth being tested.
A little later we will publish an article in the section with strategies, devoted to advices for playing this video poker.

Where to play Pick’em Poker for free or real money?

Many high-quality online casinos offer a great range of online games, released by Playtech. Among them, there is Winner Casino, where our reviewers tested this free video poker without registration. Users can also test it directly on the portal Casinoz.
We'll be grateful for the comments about Pick'em Poker. Share your opinion and rate this game.

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