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Reel Classic 5 is a game from Playtech that continues the classic tradition.

8.50 /10
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If you've played the slot machine Reel Classic 3 , the principles on which the slot machine Reel Classic 5 operates have been already familiar to you. Anyway, it seemed better to me for unknown reasons and I did not even notice how time was flowing. It is difficult to explain the reason for my positive attitude towards it. Probably, it has drawn my attention because, in my opinion, Reel Classic 5 looks better compared to its analogue with three reels or the possible cause is a generous prize of $200, which I managed to get at the beginning of the game. Despite the fact that all these factors have added attractiveness to the gambling machine, I enjoyed playing Reel Classic 5 even before winning. I liked the atmosphere, created in the slot, nice interface of blue color, intricate geometric pattern connecting the symbols and, most importantly, sound effects. I can rate it with the highest possible score. It seems that the slot has nothing special, but it seems that you find yourself in the real casino! You can hear a groan of the lever, when you start spinning the roulette, and a specific call, when the reels start stopping one after the other. The pressure increases gradually, if the symbols are identical. It happened to me when I was watching with a pounding heart how the roulette symbol appears one after the other on the reels and the fifth reel was a culmination and did not disappoint me providing me with the same symbol to form a line. I wagered one dollar per line and the payout increased by 200 times. Unfortunately, I made the lowest bet. Otherwise, I would have been able to win the larger sum!
Coins in the game Reel Classic 5 have the following values: 0.05; 0.10; 0.25; $0.50, $1, $2 and $5. Select the number of lines that you want to activate in the game with the help of the arrows located on the left side and click on the button 5 Lines to play using five paylines. The button Stake helps you to choose the number of coins per spin. To start playing the game you can click either on Spin or Bet Max. But I would rather prefer pulling the level, which is located on the right side of the gambling machine. This leads to the appearance of specific sound and provides the game with the special charm.
The graphics of the game reflects the casino topic. Users can see the chips, roulette, cards, dice and gold bullions among the symbols. Everything is clear and you do not need explanations on how to play the slot Reel Classic 5. This five-reel slot has the same major symbol as its progenitor Reel Classic 3. The design is similar, but the red color prevails in Reel Classic 3 and here the basic color is blue.
Payouts for all combinations are the following: 3 card symbols (5 bets), 4 card symbols (10 bets), 5 card symbols (40 bets), 3 dice symbols (10 bets), 4 dice symbols (20 bets), 5 dice symbols (100 bets), 3 roulette symbols (10 bets), 4 roulette symbols (50 bets), 5 roulette symbols (200 bets), 3 casino chips symbols (25 bets), 4 chips symbols (100 bets), 5 chips (400 bets), 3 gold bullion symbols (50 bets), 4 gold bullion symbols (200 bets) and 5 gold bullion symbols (2,000 bets).


To win the jackpot in the game Reel Classic 5, five gold bullions should appear on the reels. Then your bet will increase by 2,000 tymes. The second-ranking symbol is a casino chips symbol, which increases the bet by 400 times if this symbol appears on the five reels forming a line. Try to get such a big payout at Europa Casino or Bellini Casino.
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