Royal Crown Blackjack
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Royal Crown Blackjack Slot Review

The portfolio of the famous Novomatic company contains several gambling games of Royal Crown series. Some of them have been described in the previous reviews at the pages of Casinoz. The following article is devoted to the Royal Crown Blackjack, which should be interesting for numerous lovers of this intellectual card game with quite beneficial rules, a very convenient and realistic interface, various user’s settings and high functionality.

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Royal Crown Blackjack
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Play Free Demo Royal Crown Blackjack slot

It is possible to play Royal Crown Blackjack for fun as well as by the real money in StarGames Casino and other online casinos powered by the license software developed by Novomatic. However, you would have to open an account in any case, because this blackjack is unavailable without registration.

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How to Play Royal Crown Blackjack slot online

Royal Crown Blackjack is an online blackjack with the basic American rules. This game is provided with standard packs of fifty twi cards without jokers. They are necessarily mixed before starts of every deal. There are no jokers in the decks.

It is possible to play by one, two or three boxes. Amounts of the bets can be the same or different per each of the boxes. It is allowed to stake from fifty to fifty thousand credits. The value of coins can vary from fifty to two thousand units.

The general principals of blackjack are discussed in the special article of the special department of the website. Please check it out if necessary. We would like to specify only the main differences of this model below:

  • The dealer takes two cards and opens one of them.
  • In case the opened card of the croupier is ten or ace, he checks if he has blackjack.
  • In case of dealer’s blackjack the game finishes immediately.
  • In case of ace in dealer’s hand, insurance from blackjack is suggested.
  • The cards of the same value can be split in two boxes to pick them separately.
  • Split aces are dealt with one card.
  • It is possible to double up the bet with any cards.
  • Only one card per box is dealt in case of double.
  • Surrender is not provided.

The payoff indexes are classical here: 1:1 by the standard winning box, 2:1 by the insurance and 3:2 by blackjack. In case of the equal number of points in dealer’s and customer’s hands, dead heat is declared. The bets are refunded in this case. Blackjack (ace an ten) is higher of twenty one made of other cards.

The rules of Royal Crown Blackjack are quite beneficial, however, we are not ready to say which level of cash back index can be reached while playing this blackjack by the optimal strategy at the moment.

Royal Crown Blackjack Bonus games

Any prize payoffs or bonus rounds are not provided by the rules of Royal Crown Blackjack model.


A progressive jackpot is not raffled in Royal Crown Blackjack game.

Royal Crown Blackjack RTP, Volatility & Hit Frequency

Royal Crown Blackjack Interface

When our reviewers were testing Royal Crown Blackjack game in StarGames casino, it was available only in English language. Most likely, that the producer would provide the game with the multi-language interface soon, while we would like to explain the functions of the main elements of the control panel shortly. The following tips would be useful for the beginners:

  • Bet-/Bet+ - select a proper value of chips.
  • Info - open the section with rules.
  • Clear - clear the field from chips.
  • Deal - deal the cards.
  • Credit - an amount at the player’s account.
  • Total Bet - an amount of the total bet per round.
  • Last Win - an amount of the previous payoff.
  • Hit - take a card.
  • Stand - finish taking at the box.
  • Double - double up the bet.
  • Split - split the cards in two hands.
  • Insurance - put the insurance from blackjack.
  • New Bet - make a new bet.
  • Same Bet - stake a bet of the previous amount.

To make the bet, first you would have to choose a proper value of coins and then click at the round field at the box. In the following deals you can duplicate the previous amount of the bet.

All the events at the screen are commented by the dealer’s voice at the background.

The user’s settings allow to select a convenient size of the screen and control the background music.

The rules are explained in two places: Info and Help. The main information is the same in both tabs, but there are some differences.

It is not necessary to download Royal Crown Blackjack slot machine, because it can be launched right in a browser at the website of an online casino.

Mobile Compatibility


Royal Crown Blackjack hame is not bad kind of online blackjack with American rules. The developers are worth praise for the very convenient interface, nice graphics, the realistic animation and other advantages of this model.

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