The famous Playtech continues to gladden the gamblers, loving the comics, with the spectacular video slots, created after the popular comics by Marvel. In the following review we would describe a new free slot machine named Spider Man – Attack of the Green Goblin and telling about the confrontation of one of the most popular comics’ hero and his enemy – the Green Goblin. The details of their enduring enmity are well known to all the fans of Marvel production, while those, who are not interested in this epos, don’t need it to play the slot machine, so we wouldn’t stop on this story here. We’d better start the review of Spider Man – Attack of the Green Goblin slot machine right now. 

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Play Spider-Man – Attack of the Green Goblin

Spider Man – Attack of the Green Goblin video slot has five reels and twenty five paylines. The icons at the reels are placed in three rows. Playing this slot machine is possible only by all twenty five active lines. For example, in Europa Casino the acceptable bet for each of the lines is in range from one cent to five dollars, while the maximal possible bet for a spin is one hundred twenty five dollars.

Among the numerous functions of Spider Man – Attack of the Green Goblin video slot, the unusual special symbols, progressive jackpots, thematic bonus rounds and free spins are especially shown up. We would describe it in the review.

The winning combinations of Spider Man – Attack of the Green Goblin video slot are made from three, four or five similar icons, placed one after another at the active line, starting from the first left reel. The payment is charged only for the major combination of the line. Its amount is calculated by the bet for a line and the combination index (up to x10000).

A risky game by chances is not provided by the rules of Spider Man – Attack of the Green Goblin video slot, that’s why the total payment for a spin is immediately transferred to the player’s account.

The theoretical payback of Spider Man – Attack of the Green Goblin slot machine is 95,11%.


Spider Man – Attack of the Green Goblin video slot is designed in a typical for comics style. The part of the gaming symbols is played by the icons with the characters of the comics about the Spider Man and the Green Goblin. Of course, these two heroes are imaged at the reels of the slot machine, as well as a lady with red hair. There you can also see a newspaper with a title about the Spider Man, a camera, skyscrapers from the bird’s flight high and the signs of the nominal of playing cards from nine to ace.

The spider man can hang upside down at the screen in any spin and be caught up by the photographer, who makes the shot. In this case the player receives the payment from three to ten total bets.

There are two special symbols in Spider Man – Attack of the Green Goblin slot machine: Wild and Bonus (you can recognize it by its titles).

-       Wild can make the combinations and replace other standard icons, except of the Bonus one, if it is necessary. During any spin of the main game the Spider man can turn from two to four random symbols into Wild.

-       Bonus appears at the first, third and fifth reels during the common spins. In case three such symbols are dropped out at the screen in the same time, it triggers the bonus round named Spider-Man Collection.

Spider-Man – Attack of the Green Goblin Bonus games

The bonus round of Spider Man – Attack of the Green Goblin video slot has several levels. First of all you would see a collection of the comics at the special screen. Each of the editions presents various ways of the game:

-       Ultimate Fight – the Spider Man and the Green Goblin would fight with each other, launching blows. You can take part in the battle, clicking by the rounds with question marks, which indicate, what happens to the heroes next. During the fight you would get the prize payments for the lucky moves. As soon as the round is over, the total amount of the winning would be transferred to your account.

-       City Chase – the Spider Man would chase the Green Goblin be the city streets, trying to pick out his money, stolen in the bank. By the way you would collect the money or pumpkins, which can also contain the prizes, or finish the round. During this game the Spider Man can get the advanced functions (get out of the end of the round or scanning the objects’ contents).

-       Hot Zone free Games – you gain the right for twenty free spins, during which the Spider Man can appear. He would form the “Hot Zones” at the reels. The symbols in these zones provide you the additional preferences.

-       Radioactive Free Games – you become an owner of fifteen free games with the additional Wild, which appears only at the third reel. It can be spread at two neighbor reels as well.

-       Rivaling Free Games – you would participate in ten free spins with the additional multipliers. The Spider Man would increase the payment indexes by the combinations in several times (up to x5), when he appears at the screen.

The terms and conditions of participating in all the bonus games of Spider Man – Attack of the Green Goblin video slot are detailed explained in the informational part. Actually, you can study out the particularities of each round even without any tips. It is impossible to make a mistake there, so don’t be afraid to make something wrong.


Spider Man – Attack of the Green Goblin video slot raffles the progressive jackpots by Marvel. Its amounts are increasing with each staked bet. Each of four jackpots takes its beginning from some start amount, such as 50, 500, 5000 and 100000 euro. It is possible to win it in any spin, as soon as the special round is triggered.

You would see the net, consisting of twenty cells. Here you should choose the cells randomly. In each of them the symbols of one of the jackpots is imaged. When you find three similar logos, you get an amount of this jackpot.

Spider-Man – Attack of the Green Goblin Interface

As Spider Man – Attack of the Green Goblin video slot is fully translated to many world languages, there is no need to stop at the description of its interface and explanation of the functions of the various buttons of the control panel.

Please pay your attention that Spider Man – Attack of the Green Goblin has a turbo mode, which makes the gameplay much faster. By your wish you can also activate an automatic game mode (for the stated quantity of spins or till the beginning of the bonus round).

There is also an informational part in all languages and the basic settings. It is possible to download this slot machine in set with the client software of the casino, powered by Playtech. Moreover, playing Spider Man – Attack of the Green Goblin slot machine is possible right in the browser window.


Here we would like to express our admiration by Spider Man – Attack of the Green Goblin video slot once again. It is a really amazing game with an excellent graphics and an incredible choice of the interesting options.

After all we would like to remind, that the free slot machines about the Spider Man can be also found in the assortment of the gambling games by Cryptologics. However, we are sure, that you would like Spider Man – Attack of the Green Goblin much more, than those models. This video slot is much more modern, functional, colorful and exciting.

Where to play Spider-Man – Attack of the Green Goblin for free or real money?

Spider Man – Attack of the Green Goblin video slot is presented for the game for real money, as well as for fun in many online casinos, powered by the software developed by Playtech. We were testing it in Europa Casino. Some casinos allow testing the slot machines (including this model) in a training mode even without registration.

Please share your impressions of Spider Man – Attack of the Green Goblin slot game in comments and don’t forget to assign it a grade.

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