The company Microgaming offers the original model called Spingo to fans of unusual online gambling games. It is based on roulette, but the differences are quite significant, as you will see while reading our review and testing it.

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Spingo resembles roulette due to the presence of wheel and fields for bets that are similar to roulette. But this game has special bets and there are no numbers on the racetrack.
The aim of the game is to predict the result of the spin and place chips on the appropriate fields.
When the user makes bets, ball with a number from one to ten plus zero appears from a special pipe located in the center of the wheel. It jumps on the wheel and stops in one of the colored cells. They are present in three colors: red, yellow and blue. One cell is painted in green.
Let's discuss types of bets that are accepted in the game Spingo (payout odds are given in brackets)
  • On color and number (x32) - it is accepted on a number of the certain color. For example, on yellow three.
  • On green (x24) - the bet is made on the green cell. There is no number.
  • On zero (x20) - the bet is made on the ball with zero. There is no color.
  • On number (x10) - the bet is made on any number without indicating the color.
  • On color (x2) - the bet is made on color without indicating the number.
  • On odd/even (x2) - the bet is made on odd or even numbers.
  • On high/low(x2) - the bet is made on numbers from one to five or from six to ten.
It is allowed making bets separately or combining them.
There is no information about the theoretical payout percentage, embedded in one or the other type of stakes.
The range of allowable stakes in the game Spingo depends on their type. For example, the bet from twenty-five cents to ten dollars can be made on the combination of a color and a number, and the bet from one to one hundred dollars is accepted on equal chances.

Spingo Bonus games

Spingo has no bonus payouts or bonus rounds of any kind.


The online game Spingo has no progressive jackpots.

Spingo Interface

Our advices will help gamblers to understand inscriptions in the interface of Spingo:
  • Spin allows starting new spin
  • Clear allows removing bets from the field
  • Double allows doubling the bet
  • Undo allows cancelling made bets
  • Autoplay activates automatic mode
  • Credits shows the number of credits on the account
  • Paytable & Bet Limits shows the pay table with odds and bet limits
  • History shows the history of recent spins
  • Bet shows the total bet per spin
  • Win shows the payout per one round
  • View Statistics allows viewing statistics of the game
Some buttons are located on the panel permanently. Others appear only when they can be used.
To make a bet, it is necessary to select a chip of the required value by clicking it. Then gamblers need to place chips on the field using the mouse. The following values of them are available: 0.25, 0.50, 1, 2, 5 or 10 dollars.
User settings allow players to activate/deactivate the sound and show/hide the win.


Of course, Spingo is very similar to roulette, but unusual features of the interface and gameplay make it unique among games of this kind. Our reviewers have enjoyed playing this model, so we recommend that fans of all nontrivial gambling games should play it. We will try to provide our readers with information about opportunities and recommendations concerning the strategy.

Where to play Spingo for free or real money?

It is possible to play Spingo for money and for free in various online casinos running on software from the company Microgaming. For example, gamblers can test games without registration using conditional bets at Crazy Vegas Casino. Users can also test this game directly on the site Casinoz.
We will be grateful to know your opinion about Spingo. Share your impressions of this game in the comments.
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