«Vacation Station» online slot machine is the game for those who are missing summer vacation, because this game is filled with the atmosphere of railway station with typical sounds.

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«Vacation Station» is the slot machine with nine reels each of which makes combinations and most of them are winning. This game has eight pay lines. You can activate all eight lines or use only few of them. In fact, you stake a token and one pay line becomes available to you. More tokens you stake, more pay lines you can play by. An amount of your win directly depends on quantity of tokens, because it rises up according to the bet, which you have staked. Casino software checks combinations and Scatter symbols as soon as the reels are stopped.
«Vacation Station» is the slot machine presented by Playtech company to make us feel the atmosphere of changes and a kind of thrill which is necessary for everybody at least once a year to feel himself differently relaxing far from home.
The interface images a cheerful smiling tourist with a photo camera and luggage, which should be tired after a long flight, but feeling happy. Dressed in Hawaiian shirt and wearing Hawaiian jewelry, he is going to have lots of fun. Now it’s your turn to cheer up playing on slot machines and getting pleasure of the game.
It is possible to stale tokens of denomination from one cent to five dollars per line, up to three tokens per each of the lines.
If you have never played on slot machines before, be careful making bets, because you can spend all your bankroll in a moment if you click at «Max Bet» button which starts a new spin by the maximal bet and all lines in one click. This slot is able to make up to six hundred spins per hour, so you can waste a lot in case of bad luck. Extend your pleasure if the gameplay is important for you, but not a big prize, which the high-rollers are heading to win.
«Vacation Station» slot machine has Scatter symbol, while the aim of the game is to make a winning combination of the similar symbols. Which combinations win? If you haven't read the rules, you can wonder that three luggages in a row don't make a winning combination, because the luggage is Scatter symbol of this game.
This video slot with nine reels looks like three reeled slot, however, every reel is spinning on its own here. It is the reason why this game is called nine-reeled slot.
Wins are possible by three horizontal lines, three vertical lines and two diagonal.
Choose the lines you would like to use by click at the button of Line numbers at the left top corner of the screen. You can stake the maximal bet and activate all pay lines in one click with help of «Max Bet» button.
As soon as you have set up an amount of the bet, spin the reels.
When you hit a winning combination at the reels, you get a prize according to the payment table.
An image of the luggage is Scatter symbol of this game, which doesn't need to match any other symbols at the pay lines to win. It can drop out anywhere at the reels to bring you a prize under condition that four and more such symbols appear at the screen.
There is the payment table, which displays the combination indexes according to your bets.
Please take in account that if you hit Scatter symbols and a standard winning combination, you are paid with both wins, but three luggages at the active line don't make a winning combination, because only four and more such symbols can bring you a prize.
Winning combinations are following in «Vacation Station» slot machine:
You can see payoffs by (1 coin/2 coins/3 coins) in the brackets.
3 planes (1,000/2,000/4,000)
3 ships (750/1,500/2,250)
3 sailing boats (500/1,000/1,500)
3 balloons (250/500/750)
3 submarines (100/200/300)
3 sport cars (80/160/240)
3 motorcycles (60/120/180)
3 trains (40/80/120)
3 buses (25/50/75)
Scatter symbols dropped out at the screen also bring a prize, which amount depends on the bet and number of Scatters at the screen.
9 Scatter symbols bring you 1000 bets.
8 Scatter symbols bring you 500 bets.
7 Scatter symbols bring you 200 bets.
6 Scatter symbols bring you 50 bets.
5 Scatter symbols bring you 10 bets.
4 Scatter symbols bring you 2 bets.


The gaming symbols, which you can see at the reels of «Vacation Station» slot machine, are images of a plane, a ship, a sailing boat, a balloon, a submarine, a sport car, a motorcycle, a train and a bus.

Vacation Station Bonus games

Any bonus rounds are not provided by the rules of «Vacation Station» slot machine.


An amount of the jackpot of «Vacation Station» video slot is sixty thousand dollars. It should be enough for vacation!

Vacation Station Interface

You can see the following controlling buttons in the bottom part of the screen:

  • Spin – start a new spin.
  • Bet Max – start a new spin by the maximal bet.
  • Bet one – stake per one active line.
  • +/- - set up the coin value.
  • Paytable – open the payment table.
  • All lines – play by all active lines.


It is possible to play on «Vacation Station» slot machine free in your comfortable house. You can also weight the true value of online game before you stake the real bets. This model excites with its exciting and easy going gameplay. It is the excellent choice for the pleasant time spending.

Where to play Vacation Station for free or real money?

Play and win in the international Europa Casino, which interface is available in several languages, or visit Golden Palace Casino, which is also very popular among the gamblers.Please share your impressions of «Vacation Station» slot machine with us and other readers of Casinoz. You can write your responses in comments to the review and rate this game. Your opinion is very important for us.

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