The second-largest online poker room in the world 888poker officially published the timetable for the fifth season of the Super XL Series, which would be held from May 14 to May 22. It will include 40 tournaments. The total guaranteed prize pool of the fifth season will reach 3 million dollars. During the series of the fourth season, held in January of the last year, 38 tournaments were organized, whose guaranteed prize pool was 2 million dollars, indicating that the organizers of the Super XL Series did not rest on their laurels and continued to improve their brainchild.

To act in accordance with the online poker room’s theme, the first tournament of the season is called $88 Super XL Kickoff. Its prize pool reaches 88,888 USD. It will share the structure with the 2016 $888 No Limit Hold'em №54 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Crazy Eights 8-Handed Tournament. To whet the appetite of potential participants of the Super XL Series, an invitation to this WSOP tournament will be drawn.

To be sure, the $1,050 Super XL Main Event with an impressive guaranteed prize pool of 1 million dollars seems to be the highlight of the whole season. It will take place on May 22. At the beginning of the tournament its participants will receive 20,000 chips. And each level will last for 20 minutes. In the main event of the last season, a user from Finland, who preferred a nickname "jnevanli," became the winner, making a deal with his opponent in the heads-up round. He could win 182,663 dollars.

Similar to the previous seasons, each tournament in the timetable is available in the following versions: Main, Mini, and Turbo. There is also a wide range of formats for these tournaments, including rebuy, multi-chance, knockout, Snap, full-ring, 8-max, and 6-max. To be sure, most of the pre-established events will occur in the most popular poker formats: No Limit Hold'em and partially Pot-Limit Omaha.

The $150 Multi Chance Opening Tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of 250,000 dollars should be mentioned among the most interesting events in the timetable. It will take place on May 15 together with the $600 Whale Tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of 200,000 dollars. The $2,100 High Roller Tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of 400,000 will be held on May 17. It seems to be very interesting.

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