The Massive Cash Jackpot was won by Bonnie of Fresno. This extraordinary event took place at Table Mountain Casino. The size of this jackpot reaches $100,000 or even may exceed this number. In this case, the Massive Cash Jackpot was 104,915.96 dollars. This jackpot is available only at Table Mountain Casino. This gambling establishment is located in Central California. Its size is randomly selected between $50,000 and $150,000. As soon as any player hits it, the Massive Cash Jackpot meter begins sliding starting from $50,000. Users donít need to collect special combinations on the reels to win this jackpot. You just need to be a holder of the casinoís club card. While playing this card should be inserted in the slot machine.
Table Mountain Casino used to be called Local's Favorite Casino. It provides six-figure amounts as jackpots each month. For example, gamblers managed to win more than 13 million dollars at Table Mountain Casino in May. Can you imagine this? Over 13 million was won in only one month.
Rob Goslin, President and Manager of Table Mountain Casino, congratulated the winner. According to him, it is always a very exciting moment when the jackpot is hit. He said that it was a great gift for Bonnie who had just celebrated her 40th wedding anniversary.
Table Mountain Casino is very popular among residents of Central California and guests of the region. It creates a very friendly atmosphere and provides high-quality services. This casino was rewarded with numerous prizes and awards. 
In June, owners of the casino want to please its customers with interesting promotions, including the $25,000 Father's Day Golf, Gift Cards, and Free Play Giveaway. 
On the official website of Table Mountain Casino users may find detailed data on offers of the gambling house.
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