ALEA, administrator of the world's just 3D virtual reality online clubhouse, SlotsMillion, and UK-confronting brand LadyLucks, has incorporated Rightlander's subsidiary greeting page tracker. Since the start of its development procedure, ALEA has made a few imperative moves inside a short space of time. SlotsMillion.com's opening of the UK advertise in September 2017, and ALEA's procurement of the UK versatile gambling club mark LadyLucks.co.uk from the IGT gathering, shows the impressive advances that ALEA is taking, and also its sense of duty regarding guaranteeing that it meets the rules built up by the UKGC. 

Staying up with the latest with new guidelines requires the assistance of a particular device which can help administrators and partners both. ALEA's association with Rightlander, made by previous member Ian Sims, in this manner makes a flawless match. Sims built up the apparatus in the wake of understanding that the greeting pages he sent activity to frequently broke, quit working or wound up insignificant. 

Utilizing innovation that sweeps sites and constructs a rundown of the considerable number of areas an administrator's image is said or connected to, Rightlander permits ALEA Affiliates to find sites connecting to its brands that they may at present be unconscious of. The stage likewise empowers ALEA to screen partner locales for potential consistence issues that may affect SlotsMillion and LadyLucks. For partners, the device not just shows them photos of the madding pages they are sending their movement to, yet additionally tells them of the consistence criteria ALEA are currently observing and where they may have issues. Rightlander enables partners to take after all following connects to their last goal and advises them progressively if a point of arrival has been altered, diverted or deactivated by the administrator. 

ALEA Affiliates is presently ready to assist and guide offshoots with controllers' consistence rules. Furthermore, because of ALEA's dedication and on account of this new association, the best partners will have the benefit of accepting a free yearly membership. 

Ian Sims, organizer of Rightlander, stated: 

We are pleased to have cooperated our innovation with ALEA and its SlotsMillion and LadyLucks brands. It's an unmistakable sign that ALEA is considering subsidiary consistence important, and we are glad to add to their endeavors. 

Alexander Tomic, prime supporter of ALEA, stated: 

Ian Sims is a significant resource, with his over 20 years' involvement as an offshoot in the UK, he comprehends our necessities totally and gives the ideal apparatus to us to react to partners' difficulties in regards to consistence. Rightlander's innovation makes this significantly simpler by giving us a reasonable picture of precisely who is connecting to our destinations and brands, and whether those subsidiaries are acting mindfully or not.

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