The Ombudsman of Armenia is prepared to dispatch a bill to control betting commercials and apply certain confinements to them. The new advancement rises the same number of nations, including the UK and Australia, has just slapped controls on betting ad. Following on those nations, the Ombudsman of Armenia has defined a bill and is pushing for its entry to apply limitations and controls on betting ads. 

The bill has been created to end the recommendation that betting could transform into an unfaltering pay or a vocation substitute. That is the reason it intends to boycott ads which may recommend that triumphant is ensured or that wagering can transform into an approach to enhance a man's social, expert or private life. 

Australia has as of late passed a bill intended to give additionally energy to the national media guard dog and joined different nations, for example, Spain and the United Kingdom in focusing on as well as controlling betting ads. The Ombudsman's Office clarified that present enactment does exclude particular controls, which is the reason it anticipates that the bill will achieve Congress lastly transform into a Law.

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